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About Moises Garza

I'm just a very passionate gamer myself so I felt compelled to start a gaming website to be able express my gaming views and share news. I am currently attending college and plan to become a Video Game Programmer.


About James Hawker

I'm currently a journalism student, my aim has always been to write about games, and now I finally can! I've played games ever since I can remember, starting with the NES and working my way up from there. I'm a huge MMORPG fan and I love all genres and all consoles, I'm a very avid PC gamer, too.

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About Jorge Blanquet

Hello every one, I'm Jorge Blanket, a Hispanic guy, born in Texas, raised by a pack of wolves in Mexico City. I spend my free time, playing video games (mostly Halo or Nintendo's first parties), drawing, watching movies or TV series, reading novels and comics or just listening to music. I am a true Star Wars fan and I can't wait for the government to build the real death star. I hope you enjoy the site.

About Dylan Kimmedy

Hi there. I'm a writing student over in Australia, and when I'm not losing sleep over getting a story just right, I live and breathe science fiction, fantasy, and of course videogames. Games have been a big part of my whole life, and have a huge influence on what I write in my free time. I may or may not be working my way towards making a game of my own, but only time will tell :P In the meantime, I help out here at GameLuster by offering up news and the occasional opinion piece, alongside our Kickstarter Spotlight (soon to be a thing, promise).

About Aedan Clarke

A private individual with a love for video games, basically. Package complete with a strange sense of humor that's sometimes random, and sometimes morbid. There's, like, a 90% chance that I'll say something that'll unnerve you at some point. You've been warned... c:

About Cole Flott

I've been playing video games for my entire life. I intend to develop them myself one day, but for now, I'm writing about them. My favourite games are Pikmin 2, Earthbound, and basically any other game made by Nintendo. I also like Indie games such as Bastion and Thomas Was Alone, and I hope that my writing will allow independent developers to get the exposure they deserve.

About James Pritchard

Canadian | Opinion writer and reviewer | Favourite games include: Bioshock Infinite, Bioshock, League of Legends, The Last of Us, Batman Arkham City, Red Dead Redemption |twitter @JamesBondagee | Ps4 and Ps3 Gamer

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About Jose Salazar

I'm 19 and I love brownies and RPGs. Both Role Playing Games and Rocket Propelled Grenades.