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Quake Champions closed beta open for sign up

on Wed, Mar 8, 2017 | By Trevor Whalen

You can now sign up for a closed beta in Quake Champions by going to All you need to do is enter your email address and country of residence, check one or more boxes, and you are set. Quake Champions was announced at last year’s E3, and is Bethesda Softwork’s and id Software’s resurrection of Quake III:...

Games You Should Play: Eternal Sonata

Eternal Sonata
on Tue, Mar 7, 2017 | By Ryan Higgins

Hello and welcome to Games You Should Play, a series where I discuss games you might not have played but should if you love video games. As an avid JRPG fan there’s a few things that, even I have to admit, hold people back from becoming attached to the genre as much as they perhaps should. This might be setting (everything...

Outlast 2’s Release Date Has Been Announced

Outlast 2 axe wielder
on Mon, Mar 6, 2017 | By Simon Smith

Outlast 2 was revealed to much excitement back in late 2015 with a planned release for late 2016, this unfortunately ended up falling through with the game then winding up being pushed into 2017. However when this delay occurred no details were given as to when we would see the game, that is until now. Red Barrel Games...

Super Bomberman R Review

Super Bomberman R main
on Sun, Mar 5, 2017 | By Simon Smith

In the modern game industry it seems all too common for companies to simply forget about their older franchises. Even when people ask for these games developers seem to ignore them, and Bomberman was one of these franchises. After an unsuccessful reboot in 2006 for the Xbox 360 the franchise simply vanished, but now Konami...

Score: 8.5

Wii U: A Look Back

Wii U Console
on Sun, Mar 5, 2017 | By Simon Smith

Nintendo has had a rough run through their many years in the game industry, going from one console to the next they saw varying levels of success with some consoles becoming huge hits among the gaming public, while others failed to live up to the companies hopes. The biggest success for Nintendo was of course the Wii,...

Nintendo Switch: Day One Impressions

Nintendo Switch Console 2
on Fri, Mar 3, 2017 | By Simon Smith

After months of waiting the Nintendo Switch is finally here, and like so many I took the chance to head to a midnight launch to grab my console in order to spend a full day looking at the system and a couple of games. Leading up to the console launch I had many concerns that were making me question the design of the console,...

Sony Has Revealed March’s Playstation Plus Offerings

Tearaway Unfolded main
on Wed, Mar 1, 2017 | By Simon Smith

March has finally arrived and with it Sony has prepared the latest games for the Playstation Plus service ready for subscriber’s to enjoy. Even with the release of Horizon Zero Dawn, Sony is still hoping to encourage people to check out some of their systems older content with the latest series of games made available. Leading...

Why I Am Concerned For The Last Of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II announcement trailer Joel and Ellie
on Wed, Mar 1, 2017 | By Simon Smith

Back in December Sony and Naughty Dog made the surprise reveal that they were working on a sequel to their critically acclaimed 2013 gem The Last of Us. While this was something many wanted the reveal did come as a shock with a fully made trailer that showed some of the key differences that Naughty Dog had in store. This...

The Escapists 2 coming to Nintendo Switch

The Escapists 2
on Tue, Feb 28, 2017 | By Simon Smith

The Escapists is a truly exciting game that has managed to achieve a decent following on the PC and consoles, and with the sequel the developers aim to go bigger and better. The biggest thing to come out for this game is the reveal through the latest Nindies Showcase that the game will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch. The...