PS Vita’s Browser Supports Web based Miiverse

Posted on Apr 26 2013 - 12:32pm by Moises Garza
PS Vita’s Browser Supports Web based Miiverse
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Nintendo has released a web based version of MiiVerse. You are now able to use a computer or a smartphone to get access. Ironically the 3DS’s web browser and the Wii U browser ( I dont see why you would try to use the Wii U Browser) do not work with the MiiVerse.  Instead the PS Vita Browser’s is capable of allowing you to use MiiVerse on it. It’s great when companies support each other like this.



  • Josh

    Haha, thats funny

  • thats right, the vita can do everything (tech wise), including running software from its competitors. (sorry im kind of a vita snob)

    • Yup lol, PS Vita supports Nintendo software before Nintendo itself 😛