It’s all about accessories this week! Check out these can’t-miss deals from Amazon – and don’t forget to grab them before they’re gone! Level up your gaming setup with these ten amazing items:

1. AM6 RGB Gaming Mouse

Your wrist deserves ultimate comfort – treat yourself to this ultra-comfortable, slick-looking RGB mouse! An adjustable DPI lets you choose your preferred setting; choose between 800, 1600, 2400 and 3200 using a simple built-in button. A stunning RGB display features a rainbow of colors available in four different patterns – you can even color-coordinate with your headphones and keyboard! An ergonomic design keeps you supported during those all-day gaming marathons. Plus, its ambidextrous structure means that both right- and left-handed gamers can enjoy this mouse to the fullest!

[amazon box=”B07VP3R744″ grid=”1″][/amazon]

2. Gamory Controller for Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite

This brand new ergonomically designed controller is compatible with both the classic Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles. Completely wireless, this high-tech controller boasts a range of up to 26 feet, perfect for those intense Mario Kart races or Splatoon SplatFests. Choose between three turbo speeds and three levels of double shock function. Plus, motion control function truly brings your gaming experience to the next level. Enjoy up to eight hours of gaming fun with a short 2-hour charge period. Best of all, it’s available in the classic red and blue Switch color scheme!

[amazon box=”B085XZM26N” grid=”1″][/amazon]

3. Llama Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Do you want to have the most stylish Nintendo Switch in the neighborhood? Now, you can with this adorable carrying case featuring a totally cool llama surrounded by a field of flowers. This case is perfect for gamers of all ages! It blends plush, squishy fabric with a padded interior and reinforced handle to keep both your Switch and your hands safe and comfortable at all times. Plus, additional padded storage is provided for up to 10 of your favorite Nintendo Switch cartridges. A bonus zip-up pouch can be used to store the small accessories you need to bring with you on the go. It even comes with extra rubber zip charms for an even cuter storage solution!

[amazon box=”B07Y5NKM5R” grid=”1″][/amazon]

4. Devansi Travel Case for Oculus VR Headset & Controllers

Are you a VR fiend? Want to share your favorite gear with your friends, but worried about damage? Worry no longer! Bring your Oculus Quest VR setup with you everywhere with this ultra-practical storage bag perfectly shaped to fit the Quest. The case’s molded interior features perfectly shaped sections for each part of your VR headset and controller setup. Layers of padded, EVA material keep your equipment safe in all situations. It’s shock-proof, scratch-proof, water-proof and more! Comes with an adjustable strap to make traveling with your Oculus setup more comfortable than ever before.

[amazon box=”B07TZCCF88″ grid=”1″][/amazon]

5. Razer Kraken Ultimate RGB Gaming Headset

From one of the world’s top gaming accessory brands comes a stunning, high-tech headset featuring a classic black design and brilliant RGB lighting function. The sturdy aluminum and steel frame provides one-of-a-kind gaming immersion with THX 7.1 Surround Sound and noise cancelling functions. Compatible with both PC and a number of popular gaming consoles, as well as with other pieces from Razer’s extensive hardware and accessory collection. Plus, the gel-infused cushions will keep your ears comfortable as you game all day and even all night. This item can also be purchased in a bundle with an RGB-enabled storage stand which helps keep your gaming space organized.

[amazon box=”B07ZK6R8JF” grid=”1″][/amazon]

6. SOMIC Gaming Headset with Detachable Cat Ears

Want to be functional AND adorable while getting your game on? Now, you can look cute even mid-gaming marathon with these adorable headphones featuring detachable cat ears. Choose between paw-some pink and purr-fect purr-ple designs! Stay comfortable for longer with plus, comfortable earpieces featuring adorable smiling cat faces. Passive noise cancellation function helps you block out surrounding noises as you enjoy crisp gaming sounds through high-quality speakers. Compatible with a large number of gaming setups including consoles, PC and even iOS mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads.

[amazon box=”B07JZ2Z588″ grid=”1″][/amazon]

7. 25-Piece JoyCon Repair & Replacement Kit

Tired of constantly having to buy new JoyCons? Always promising yourself that you’ll learn how to fix JoyCons yourself, but never quite got around to it? Well, now is the time – with this ultra-handy JoyCon repair and replacement kit. Comes with replacement joysticks, thumb caps, screws and more, plus screwdrivers, cleaning brushes and pry tools to keep your JoyCons spick and span at all times. Plus, you get a sturdy storage box to keep the entire replacement kit safe and together – never worry about losing any of those small pieces! Replacement pieces are compatible with both left and right JoyCons.

[amazon box=”B0882SJ9H3″ grid=”1″][/amazon]

8. Geeklin 2-Piece Classic Wii Steering Wheel Set

Make family game night more fun than ever before with these racing wheels designed for the Nintendo Wii console. The experience of playing Mario Kart, Need for Speed, Sonic Racing and your other favorite Wii racing titles will be more realistic and immersive than you could possibly imagine. With two steering wheels per set, it’s fun for parents and kids alike! Your Wii-mote controller will slot easily into the wheel with no fuss and no stress. Totally wireless, with a gorgeous ergonomic design in that classic Wii white, you can race for hours and hours without your wrists or hands getting tired. Plus, each wheel comes with an attached wrist strap!

[amazon box=”B07MCHR66C” grid=”1″][/amazon]

9. Blue Finger One-Handed Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Tired of always having to switch between keyboard and mouse? Why not use both at once! This one-handed keyboard from BlueFinger features 35 keys – including all of the ones you need for those gaming sessions. Comfortable for typing and gaming, plus you can press and hold multiple keys at once with no difficulty or conflict. RGB function available in 13 different backlit patterns, including every color of the rainbow! Matching RGB mouse features adjustable DPI, sturdy braided connective wire, and 4 colorful LED settings. It even comes with a comfy, ergonomic mouse pad as an added bonus!

[amazon box=”B07PMG7N6C” grid=”1″][/amazon]

10. PlayStation 4 Controller Fast Charging Station

This ultra-efficient charging station has room for two PlayStation 4 controllers to charge at once! In just two hours, your favorite controller will go from low-battery warning to fully charged! Stylish LED display indicates when the controller finishes charging or lets you know that it still needs just a little more time. USB micro ports make plugging in your controllers to charge easier than ever before. Plus, this charging station guarantees protection against over-charging, over-voltage, short circuits and more. Charge your controllers without worry and experience far less downtime between those intense gaming marathons!

[amazon box=”B07CTHLS2L” grid=”1″][/amazon]

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