It’s Cyber Monday – a day all about online shopping! Find the best deals on video games only on Want to expand your own collection by adding that exciting new title that you’ve had your eye on? Need to pick out the perfect holiday presents for the game lovers on your list? Amazon’s got your back! Here are the ten best Cyber Monday gaming deals available only at!

1. Super Mario 3D All-Stars for Nintendo Switch

It’s three amazing games in one! Celebrate the 35th anniversary of the beloved Super Mario franchise with this collection, available for a limited time only. The 3D All-Stars bundle contains Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy, all available for the first time ever on the Nintendo Switch hybrid console. Save Princess Peach, meet Rosalina and team up with FLUDD in three of the most beloved Mario titles of all time. This bundle is a deal you can’t miss!

[amazon box=”B08G3MN6KP” grid=”1″][/amazon]

2. Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition for Xbox One

Experience a mayhem-filled adventure in this highly praised latest installment in the Borderlands series. Explore the galaxy, collect and equip tons of exciting guns, gadgets and more, interact with colorful characters, and maybe even save the universe in the process! The Super Deluxe edition features all previously released DLC expansion pack as well as tons of bonus items and cosmetics inspired by everyone’s favorite horse made of pure diamonds: Butt Stallion. It’s the ultimate Borderlands experience!

[amazon box=”B07Q47W1B4″ grid=”1″][/amazon]

3. Marvel’s Iron Man VR for PlayStation 4

For an all-new low price, you too can become a superhero! This exciting VR experience puts players into the high-powered suit of Iron Man himself as they face off against the hero’s villainous foes in new immersive battles. All of Tony Stark’s gear and technology will be available at your fingertips – plus, you can customize and upgrade your suit with the full resources of Stark Industries’ technology and Tony’s fully stocked garage workshop. Fly through the sky, power yourself with jets, defeat villains and be the hero you know you can be!

[amazon box=”B07YXQJ1S5″ grid=”1″][/amazon]

4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch

The title doesn’t lie – this is the ultimate showdown! Choose between dozens of gaming icons from series including Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing and more. Engage in all-out battles on a wide array of stages. Bring even MORE characters to the battle with the power-up, Assist Trophy and Spirit systems – there’s something here for everyone! Play online or together with your friends with multiplayer options. Even more characters will be coming in the future with the Season Pass 2 DLC packs!

[amazon box=”B01N5OKGLH” grid=”1″][/amazon]

5. Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition for Xbox One

In a galaxy far far away – create your very own story and become a part of the larger Star Wars universe. Create your very own Jedi character and battle the Empire as you strive to rebuild the once-great Jedi order. Immerse yourself in lightsaber and Force combat against some of the fiercest foes in the galaxy. Make choices with lasting consequences as you explore stunning environments and planets throughout the universe. The Deluxe Edition includes new character skins, a behind the scenes video and a digital art book.

[amazon box=”B07YVXWYXL” grid=”1″][/amazon]

6. Cyberpunk 2077 PRE-ORDER for PlayStation 4

One of the most highly anticipated titles of 2020 is just a few days away from release! From CD Projekt RED comes a brand new futuristic science fiction adventure set in a world where mechanical implants are used to enhance humanity and push ordinary humans past their limits. Create your own character from a wide variety of backgrounds and explore the stunning open world of Night City as you hunt down rumors of a legendary enhancement which might just hold the secret to eternal life.

[amazon box=”B07DJWBYKP” grid=”1″][/amazon]

7. Civilization VI for Nintendo Switch

Explore history and create an empire in this classic title, now available on Nintendo Switch. Choose a ruler and expand your empire throughout the world as you compete for resources. Will you choose to fight in wars or focus on improving your culture? Will you be a peaceful ruler or a dictator? The choice is yours! This up-to-date version of the game includes additional civilization and scenario packs including Poland, Vikings, Australia, and Persia & Macedonia.

[amazon box=”B07HH8ZSMM” grid=”1″][/amazon]

8. Ori and the Will of the Wisps for Xbox One

One of the most visually stunning games of all time is now available for the Xbox One! Play as the adorable guardian spirit Ori as you explore an intricately crafted story-rich adventure. Enhance Ori’s combat abilities with all new abilities, attacks, and spirit weapons. The all-new Shard system lets you further customize and upgrade Ori’s abilities. Fight bosses, complete puzzles and unravel the truth about Ori’s destiny. Plus, try out brand new challenges and compete against other players in the all new Spirit Trials mode!

[amazon box=”B07DM7JV4G” grid=”1″][/amazon]

9. DOOM Eternal for PlayStation 4

Fight your way through Hell and defeat demonic forces as you step into the iconic armor of the DOOM Slayer in this exciting entry from the beloved series. Take on all-new demons as you gather resources and upgrade your guns and armor to create the fighting style that works for you. Experiment with all sorts of weapons – a flame thrower? A blade? Wel, why not! Plus, a new battle mode lets you compete in 2 v. 1 multiplayer fights.

[amazon box=”B07HDJLSF2″ grid=”1″][/amazon]

10. Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town for Nintendo Switch

Grow crops, raise animals, make friends and perhaps even find love in this adorable farming simulator from the beloved Story of Seasons franchise! Each season is filled with exciting events and limited time activities and experiences. Explore the town, gather resources in the Mines, catch fish, relax in the hot spring, or simply spend time caring for your absolutely adorable animals. Mineral Town features over a dozen NPCs you can befriend – and possibly even marry and start your very own family!

[amazon box=”B086LML1R3″ grid=”1″][/amazon]

Which games are you excited to purchase this Cyber Monday? Got any other exciting Amazon deals which we might have missed that should be added to this list? Let us know!

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