If you are a fan of gaming but have never experienced the Japanese version of slots know as Pachinko, then get ready to open a whole new world of wonderment. Of course, not all of us can afford to visit the Land of the Rising Sun when participating in some gaming. Fortunately, there are a series of apps that help provide the perfect Pachinko experience.

It is not only gaming fans that have become fond of Pachinko, as those with an admiration for anime have also embraced some of the best anime game versions of Pachinko, which include the following.

Penguin Pachinko

Penguins may not sound very anime on the surface, but you will see the Japanese flair shine through as soon as the app is installed. Available on Android and iOS, Penguin Pachinko offers an aesthetic treat for fans of anime, while those looking to win some prizes will adore the zany pinball-inspired action the game can offer.


Although not as anime influence as some of the other apps listed, those looking to make some genuine returns for Pachinko will find that the BetOnline platform is perfect. Rather than offer an app, BetOnline allows its service to be accessed by all users via the app iteration of the website.

Those wanting to take advantage of a free mobile bet from BetOnline simply need to register an account, and before they know it, can enjoy an adrenaline-infused game of Pachinko straight away.

This ensures that users can access their dashboard from several different devices while being able to make some profits when luck goes their way. BetOnline are advocates of responsible gambling and ensure that the experience is tailored to ensure you enjoy your time in the right way

Sho Chiku Bai Pachinko Lite

Unfortunately, it is only Apple users that can enjoy Sho Chiku Bai Pachinko Lite, which is a shame as it really does draw on its Japanese roots.

The iOS app offers a design that will be familiar to those who can’t get enough of “Dragon Ball Z” and “My Hero Academia” will love the design and the app has been cited as the best Pachinko experience minus the cigarette smoke.

Funky VR Pachinko

Although many consider apps to be limited to smartphones and tablets, the VR space is one that is becoming popular and can offer an immersive experience that is quite unlike any other. Although the anime-inspired aesthetics are limited, the Funky VR Pachinko can be accessed via Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and even Google Cardboard.

Although there are no real-life prizes to win, this immersive app created using A-Frame.io does show where the future of Pachinko could head, and is an interesting option for those looking for something that emulates the experience as much as possible

Everyone has a preference when it comes to Pachinko, but the apps listed help deliver a balance of anime and arcade-infused action that feels just like the real thing.

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