Minecraft is a popular video game with millions of online players worldwide. It is a game that allows you the freedom to make anything that you can imagine. Some people may follow the general arc of the game and play for different tasks and missions. But some of the players choose to apply all of their creativity into building something awesome. They can build architecture that can be astonishing. For such people, Minecraft is like an open canvas ready to be painted. Let us look at some of the most amazing creations in Minecraft.

The Eiffel Tower

This one is great. MJSeyone did a rendition of Eiffel Tower in Minecraft as an attempt to recreate the historic monument. It has impeccable details and it looks extraordinary. The design is accurate down to the slopes and arches. The maker seems to be a talented architect because he didn’t even neglect the surrounding areas. The surrounding parks for the design are made with good accuracy to resemble to design around the real Eiffel Tower. You can truly visit France online inside Minecraft.

King’s Landing

This is another one of the results of the huge fanbase of the epic show, Game of Thrones. A bunch of collaborators worked on this design together to come up with a design of King’s Landing based on the legendary map shown in the casting of the great show. It seems to be one of the most impressive designs in Minecraft and with the famous Red Keep standing tall on Aegon’s High hill. It is a delight for Game of Thrones’ fans worldwide. Many would be happier to play with their swords in the King’s Landing than going for the much-hyped Minecraft dungeons which seems to not be delivering to the expectations.

Minas Tirith

Like the huge fan following for Game of Thrones, another franchise that has such a great following is the Lord of the Rings. They have millions of fans worldwide and it was not a total surprise when one of the fans went ahead and designed a copy of Gondor’s capital City, Minas Tirith. Fishyyy came up with an accurate and impressive design and took 22 hours and 20 minutes to put the design onto Minecraft. It has all the loved places starting from the iconic white gate to the towering cliffside. It took a whooping 6 million blocks to craft and enthusiasts have been flocking at the place with the maps being available through Minecraft communities.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog has been a much-loved gaming character for multiple generations now. And it was no surprise that it was loved when FVDisco came up with a rendition of the game in Minecraft giving it a new life. It has been a nostalgic experience and many players have been flocking to race for the best time on the game. This creation is great for people who are interested to play a great game within another great one and relive the fun of the Sonic game release years ago.


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