Have your parents ever scolded you for spending too much time playing video games? Or it could be about you always being on your mobile device placing wagers. Whatever the case, many parents associate mobile gaming with many risks, including identity theft, credit card fraud, and other vices.

However, that is not always the case. Mobile gaming has become a paying job for many people worldwide. Those who know how to approach the whole thing have been able to make mobile gaming profitable for them and their families. Here are five ways players are making money from mobile gaming.

Livestreaming Their Game Play

The trick is inviting other mobile gaming fans to watch as you play in a live stream through Twitch. You can choose to upload prerecorded videos on the site. However, people frequent Twitch to watch the live streams.

There are different ways to make money from it. It could be through ad views, which is similar to how people earn from YouTube. You can also have an Amazon affiliate link to the game you are currently playing. Also, if you have many followers on Twitch, you get paid to do sponsorships, collect donations from your fans, or sell your own products.

Upload Gaming Videos On YouTube

YouTube is famous for making top gamers millionaires. If you have a winning personality and you are an expert in video editing, you can combine these skills with your excellent gaming skills to help you earn more money on the site.

Although YouTube is full of gamers, this should not discourage you from uploading your gaming videos as people are always looking for fresh content. All you need is to find your “in,” which includes having a unique slant.

Starting a YouTube channel is easy. However, people watch five billion videos on the platform each day. You will, therefore, need to work hard in building your presence and getting subscribers and viewers. Don’t worry as people are constantly browsing through the platform, looking for entertaining content. Your videos only need to stand out, and your fans will do the rest.

Sell Gaming Kits

As an expert gamer, you have all the information on what other gaming enthusiasts love. If you pair the knowledge with some crafting skills, you can easily create profitable gaming kits. You can start by collecting in-game items, including skins and weapons.

Create your own gaming kits and sell them on popular sites such as Etsy. Some gamers have already done this in the past, and so, it is possible to venture into the craft and earn money from it. You can also sell game items on various sites, including Gameflip and Steam.

Collecting Casino Bonuses

If you love playing on online casinos, there are various ways you can earn extra income from the activity. The best way is claiming the no deposit bonuses. Many online casinos offer this bonus to their new players.

As the name suggests, players don’t need to deposit to benefit from the bonus. All that is needed from them is registering an account. The casino will deposit the bonus to their accounts once they have been verified to be of legal betting age.

Although the bonus could be in the form of free spins, some casinos offer cash to their players. Look for such casinos and take advantage of the free money.

Beta Testing Games

Game testers are paid to play new games and offer their honest reviews. Although you might not get to play your favorite games, it is a rewarding experience. The best part is that you get hired to find glitches so that developers can improve those games. Who knows, you might find another game to add to your favorites.

In Conclusion

There are numerous ways you can make money online from mobile gaming. Try out the above ones and see which one best suits you. You can now confidently tell your parents that mobile gaming pays. Have fun!