A Brief Summary of Pre E3 Nintendo Direct, or you can rewatch the recording below


Nintendo's E3 presentation will mainly focus almost entirely on Wii U games
Nintendo  actually began discussing what they should do with Wii U back since 2008
Nintendo is looking to join people together than separating them
The controller is called the Wii U GamePad

Control sticks can be pushed down unlike the 3DS circle pad, button layout has been has been changed for better comfort -  the square is the nfc reader

The controller can be used as TV Remote
Controller comes with gyro and motion sensors
Wii U will be supporting Wiimote, Nunchuk and Balance Board

Wii U menu system is called Mii Wara Wara,
You can view your Mii, All Mii Accounts on your system, your friend's Miis and Miis in the same country  doing similar things as you
The Miiverse lets you see what friends are doing, even if you don't have the same games as them,
Miiverse will be a very interactive in your daily Wii U use
You can communicate between Miis via text messages,or use the video feature of the Wii U GamePad
Miiverse will have a swapnote function to hand write notes
You can add facial expressions to your Miis
Miiverse is accesible in all games via home button
Miiverse can even be used in games with no online features on them.
Sometime after launch, you will be able to access Miiverse on your PC, 3DS or any web-enabled mobile device
Miiverse is prepared for new Nintendo devices whenever they come out
3DS news will be coming during 'other upcoming opportunities' , not too much focus on E3