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Senior Staff

Moises Garza


174 Articles 2 Comments

Founder of GameLuster. I really enjoy the video game medium and just wanted an outlet to share my thoughts back in 2012. I usually play a bit more Nintendo, basically Smash Bros all the time. Graduated from UTSA and I am now a Solutions Developer for a small tech firm , now with my limited time I mostly do all the boring back end stuff to have the site running. You can reach me at

Axel Cushing


419 Articles 1 Comments

Operating from a hidden rebel base somewhere in the scorching wilderness of Arizona, Axel has been playing video games longer than he'd care to admit. When he's not wandering through "Skyrim" for the umpteenth time, he can be found writing his latest novel or hunched over a tabletop and cursing as his d20 comes up a nat 1 yet again.

Jess Clayton-Berry

Reviews Editor

49 Articles

Jess is a PR Administration Assistant that does games journalism in her spare time. She loves RPGs and horror games. Please feel free to email me press releases and review codes:

Nirav Gandhi

A/V Lead

117 Articles

Nirav is a 28 year-old urban planner that moonlights as a game journalist (this is not a joke). He considers himself an authority on Pokemon, Fallout, and the Dishonored series. His favorite things are Nintendo, dinosaurs, and Yoshi the Nintendo dinosaur.

Holly Hammond

Features Editor

85 Articles

Holly is a 23-year-old social media coordinator and gamer sailing in from the UK. She considers herself a pro at being annihilated in the Soulsborne series, but she can also be seen raiding tombs, becoming the Dragonborn and enjoying a puzzle game to unwind. When she's not gaming, she's at Hogwarts. You can reach Holly at

Sarim Irfan

News Editor

29 Articles 1 Comments

Sarim is a creative content writer who does not enjoy referring to himself in the third person, yet for some reason insisted the staff do so for their bios. He loves JRPGs and 3D platformers. You can usually find him playing Genshin Impact or Platinuming a FromSoftware game. You can reach Sarim at

Bobby Kent

News Editor

218 Articles 5 Comments

Bobby is a staff writer at GameLuster based in Manchester, UK. He also freelances for other, less cool sites. Although his motor disability inspires him to write on accessibility, he also loves covering industry news, sharing opinions and more. When he isn’t playing Splatoon... he's probably talking about Splatoon. Follow me on Twitter below, and reach out via email at!


Simon Smith

2407 Articles 4 Comments

Hi, I am Simon Smith, I am an avid video game fan and love to talk about and discuss games, which is what brought me here. I have been writing about games since 2012, mostly I enjoy spending my time writing about the Nintendo Switch but I also enjoy the 3DS as well as the Playstation 4. These days I cover most things from news, to reviews (I always have something in the works) to random pointless opinion pieces.

Elizabeth Christopher

93 Articles

Elizabeth is a 26-year-old part-time writer who knows more about Pokémon than she does herself. In the real world, she works as an escape room game master, but in her free time she can be found Shiny hunting Pokémon, or enjoying JRPGs and mystery/puzzle visual novels.

Kate Mitchell Jewett

768 Articles

Kate is a 28 year old resident of Stardew Valley with a temporary vacation home in North Carolina. They love mysteries such as the Zero Escape, Ace Attorney, and Persona series. When not writing, they can be found overthinking puzzles, being distracted from main plots by side quests, and drinking too much coffee.

Nima Dabirian

134 Articles

Hey, I’m Nima. I started my adventure with Tiny Toons on a Sega console when I was 5, and since then, I have been passionate about video games. I got my first taste of writing during my college, in our student run zine, NAAM. I was studying architecture, and NAAM was about art and architecture. That was when I realized that I can actually put my two favorite things, games and writing, together. Games are a form of art after all. Now I have the chance to write about the games I play and share my thoughts on them in this platform. I hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Tim Jewett

56 Articles

Tim Jewett is a 38 year old who's been gaming ever since he can remember. No, seriously, one of his earliest memories involves Donkey Kong Jr. When he's not busy playing a game or building and rebuilding PCs, he's probably trying to figure out the cause of some strange bug or another.

Matt Bailey

664 Articles

A 26-year-old news and reviews writer for GameLuster and FlickLuster.


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