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Executive Staff

Moises Garza


226 Articles 1 Comments

Founder of GameLuster. I really enjoy the video game medium and just wanted to an outlet to share my thoughts back in 2012. I usually play a bit more Nintendo, basically Smash Bros all the time. Graduated from UTSA and I am now a Solutions Developer for a small tech firm , now with my limited time I mostly do all the boring back end stuff to have the site running. You can reach me at

Robert Scarpinito


64 Articles

When I'm not talking about my love of Persona, I'm probably playing or writing about games. I'm waiting for the day I can be proud of the DC cinematic universe. Catch me on Tadaima: A Terrace House Podcast for some insights on the best reality TV show on Netflix.

Austin Suther

Reviews and Features Editor

55 Articles

I'm Austin Suther. I've been gaming and writing all my life, so I put them both together, and now I write about video games.

Senior Staff

Luke Gould

A/V Lead

21 Articles

20 something, 6 ft 9 freak of nature. Generally likes Persona, Pokemon, Mass Effect and attacking the city of Tokyo. Follow me on twitter for bad takes, bad jokes and generally bad tweets.

Haley Sampson

Social Media Editor

18 Articles

Haley is a 24 year old Assassin's Creed nerd and Sony fan girl. She graduated from Kutztown University with an A+ in dad jokes. Her console weapons of choice are PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. When she isn't trying hard in World of Warcraft, you can find her reading the latest true crime novels or listening to K-Pop.

Brennan D'Elena

News Editor

17 Articles

Brennan D'Elena is a 23 year old video game enthusiast. Currently living in New Jersey, he spends his time playing and writing about PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch games, rambling on podcasts, and getting just the worst Charisma rolls any Bard in D&D could ask for. He's also likely to ask to pet your dog at some point.


Assistant News Editor

27 Articles

I'm a twenty one year old who enjoys video games, writing, and of course, anime. My system of choice is the 3DS but you can find me on the PC, Ps Vita, and PS4! An avid lover of JRPGs, Visual Novels and Indie games, you will always find me with knee deep in a title of some sort.


Simon Smith

2421 Articles 4 Comments

Hi, I am Simon Smith, I am an avid video game fan and love to talk about and discuss games, which is what brought me here. I have been writing about games since 2012, mostly I enjoy spending my time writing about the Nintendo Switch but I also enjoy the 3DS as well as the Playstation 4. These days I cover most things from news, to reviews (I always have something in the works) to random pointless opinion pieces.

Michael Arrieta

189 Articles

I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. I have been writing about video games for a few years now, and love it. I am usually playing some kind of JRPG, though I enjoy any game with a great story. My platform of choice is the PS4, though I have come to love the Switch.

Arshad Mawla

20 Articles

A freelance writer based in Sydney, Australia. Loves all types of games, from Clash of Clans to Final Fantasy. In his free time, partakes in well-known Australian stereotypes such as riding Kangaroos to class and wrestling crocodiles.

Elizabeth Christopher

50 Articles

I'm a 23 year old UNC Chapel Hill grad who knows more about Pokemon than I do myself. I've been interested in video games from a young age, and they have influenced me my entire life, leading me to study Japanese in college, with a dream of someday being able to translate the games I love so much! I've been a lifelong writer dabbling in both fiction and essay writing and I hope to use it to share my love of video games with the world. In my free time I draw, watch anime, watch other people play video games, or play video games myself, with my favorites including any Pokemon game, Fire Emblem, Persona, Tales of, Okami, Xenoblade Chronicles, Bravely Default, and Final Fantasy 15.

Collin Sparling

21 Articles

When Collin isn't talking about working at a brewery in Seattle or worrying about grad school, he's throwing more games on to his backlog and looking at headphone equipment that's too expensive. Catch him on Tadaima: A Terrace House Podcast, talking about one of the most binge-worthy shows on Netflix.

Amin Hasan Hossain

12 Articles

Aspiring video game journalist, podcaster and VO artist; also enjoys yelling at clouds and my spirit animal is Bill Burr.

Ben Brosofsky

6 Articles

Rhiannon Bevan

32 Articles

Journalist from the UK. When I'm not waiting for Fallout: New Vegas 2 I'm probably playing something from the 2000s. Follow me on twitter @Rhi_Bevan to see me cry about more things.

Sam Begley-May

20 Articles

The name's Sam. I'm a librarian in the Midwest with 2 cats and a deep respect for Bulbasaur. I like difficult games - Dark Souls II, Hollow Knight, Cuphead and Binding of Isaac are some of my favorites. When I'm not gaming, I partake in digital art, D&D and general buffoonery. Find me on twitter @sambaggygee.

Jess Clayton-Berry

8 Articles

I'm Jess and I'm a writer at Gameluster. I've been a gamer since I was six-years-old and picked up a copy of Pokemon Red. Now, I mostly play horror games or RPGs and when I'm not doing that I'm reviewing them or writing features.

HK Norman

1 Articles

Matthew Maidment

4 Articles

Guy from Wales, UK. Favourite console is probably the Xbox 360 but it depends what mood he's in. Loves punk rock music and has a big ole man crush on Tom DeLonge

Matt Filart

4 Articles

Constantly looking for a hyperbolic time chamber so I have more time to sleep