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Using the best gear to play PUBG adds more fun to your gaming experience. One of the most important elements to score while playing PUBG or to enjoy a better gaming experience is to get the best gear for yourself. This includes having a high-resolution monitor, keyboard, headphones or microphones and mouse so that you can get a better display and a powerful CPU that supports your game.


You can find many of these gaming gear online and watch your favorite gamers perform live using some of the powerful tools on channels that you can find using the Spectrum Silver package channel guide that has a wide range of sports channels if you are a sports fan. We have picked a few high-performing and affordable monitors that you can use to play and practice PUBG. Some of these options are as follows:



This is one of the best gaming monitors available with an IPS panel and gives out an excellent color rendition that is not only good for people who want to have this as a gaming gear but becomes an amazing monitor if you want to use Photoshop or do some photo editing tasks. You can experience a high refresh rate that gets up to 165HZ and uses a resolution of around 2560x 1440 that is outstanding for gaming and for general browsing. If you are someone who has been using Macbook or any other monitor that has Retina display and many features that make it look sleek and modern, this is the best choice for you.



This is an ultrawide monitor that gets you an edge during a PUBG match and gets you a clear view of almost all the environments of the game. It is a little difficult to use these monitors in case you need more performance. You can do so by using a powerful graphics card and some extra money as these monitors might cost you a lot but all in all this monitor is one of the best monitors. If you want to use your monitor in the tilt position, then this monitor might not be your thing. Apart from that, you can use an IPS panel that has a 2560×1440 resolution and a refresh rate of 100Hz and comes with G-SYNC and FreeSync capabilities



This is is a 280Hz monitor by ASUS which is a 27 inch and 1080p monitor featuring G-Sync and FreeSync. Apart from that, you can experience the ELMB technology that is also known as Extreme Low Motion Blur tech providing strobing backlight for blur reduction that gets you a strobing backlight for blur reduction. This is also available while you have the VRR or the variable refresh rate set on the active mode. The monitor is very fast with an IPS panel and gets you a good contrast ratio and accurate colors. The only disadvantage of having the ASUS TUF GAMING VG279QM 27” is that you might experience less brightness while you are using the ELMB and low pixel density. The monitor goes upto 1920×1080 and a refresh rate of around 144Hz.



If you want to have a tremendous gaming experience and consider speed over color quality and resolution, then this is a must-have gaming monitor for yourself. This is one of the small-sized monitors with a 24.5-inch size and low resolution that gets around 1920 x 1080 (full HD). The monitor has a TN panel which is less color-accurate but is very fast and G-SYNC capability. You might experience a low image quality than other monitors but is very fast. If you want to master your skills as a clutch killing expert in the final circle and go for something affordable you can get this monitor to get things done.



These are some amazing monitors that offer then best specs including IPS panels with a refresh rate of around 144Hz, 4K resolution, G-SYNC HDR technology that means that you get to use the G-SYNC plus High Dynamic Range technology that adds more contrast to your gaming environment. The monitor carries many other specs that are perfect for PUBG gaming for a relatively high price tag.


ViewSonic VX2257-MHD

This monitor is a 22-inch Full HD monitor that is built for gaming and entertainment purposes. It comes with a VESA Adaptive-Sync Technology and variable refresh rate capability. The machine is capable of virtually eliminating screen tearing and stuttering for smooth gaming experience if you are playing a game like PUBG where you need strong and sensible maneuvers. The response time gets you around 2ms and low input lagging for smooth screen performance for low or no blurring or ghosting effect. You can use a Game Mode hotkey that optimizes your gameplay for many First Person Shooters, Real-time strategy and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game modes. You can also use the black stabilization functions that are good if you want to target enemies in the dark corners of the gaming environment. You can also use the HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA for flexible connection that helps you connect to a dedicated graphics card and your gaming console.


Final Words

Playing PUBG is one of the best ways to kill time and prove your gaming skills. Many gamers who you see competing use one of these monitors and become champions of the game.


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