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Created in 2009, Bitcoin had since paved the way for smoother online transactions in such a way that the world had not expected it to be. Despite being unconventional in the eyes of many, it had proved itself to be a method of smoother and more effective transactions throughout the years.

What is Bitcoin?

Known as the most popular form of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is a digital currency which may be transferred and received securely between those who use it. It works as cash but it doesn’t have a physical form unlike fiat as it only exists in digital form.

Bitcoin, as many know it, is decentralized. This means that no central authorities such as banks and governments are in charge of its circulation. The amount that goes out with Bitcoin is also not controlled by central authorities but it is managed by a blockchain network to trace all the transactions that had been made with it.

To date, Bitcoin has a high value when converted to fiat. With a conversion rate of an estimated $8,800 per Bitcoin, having one Bitcoin (₿) may now be seen as an investment rather than just a basic mode of transaction.

What’s impressive with Bitcoin is that it has subunits which may be used for transactions. When it comes to transactions, a millibitcoin (0.001₿) and a satoshi (0.00000001) may be spent. This only means that every bit of this currency may rightfully be spent without no worries that it may go to waste.

Where can I spend Bitcoin?

Your Bitcoin may be used to pay for some of your online transactions. You may use it to pay for your ordered food online or you may use it to book a flight. Other sites like Microsoft and Expedia also accept Bitcoin for your subscriptions. You may also use it to pay for your need once you’re in Walmart or Sephora.

In short, there are lots of ways for you to spend your Bitcoin. In fact, online casinos and bookmakers also approve of this cryptocurrency’s use. Not only do these casinos allow you to spend your Bitcoin but it also helps you to earn more Bitcoin as you play.

Bitcoin Games

Aside from accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, you may also earn some Bitcoin through some rebates on your transactions or by mining it. To have more Bitcoin, you may also take part in various games that are readily available online.

There are lots of new and fun Bitcoin games which you may play to have some fun and to earn some. Listed below are some of the exciting slot games which you may check out if you wish to earn more. We also included what you may expect on these games!

  • Temple Stacks: Enter lush rainforests in Mexico and be faced with loads of Aztec riches placed in the majestic temples of this game. The game exposes you to various ancient ruins which are surprisingly mysterious. The game has 243 paylines and 5 reels.
  • Coywolf Cash: As you go deeper into the forest, you’ll hear some howls before you get to see the silhouette of a coywolf that lives there. Learn more about the ferocious coywolves which descended from coyotes and wolves. The game has 50 paylines and 5 reels.
  • Super Sweets: Indulge yourself with sugary treats which may lead you to sweet payouts. Channel the inner sweet tooth in you as you unwrap some of these tasty treats that await you. The game has 10 paylines and 5 reels.
  • Hammer of Fortune: Enter a medieval world of fantasy which lets you join the people’s champion named Brin as he learns how to be a true hero. Save their world as you explore their exotic land filled with brave heroes and interesting treasures. The game has 50 paylines and 6 reels.
  • Fortunes of Ali Baba: Say the magic words and be blessed with unimaginable wealth and rewards when you traverse through the land of Persia. Enter the cave of the forty thieves with Ali Baba and enjoy the fortune that awaits you. The game has 20 paylines and 5 reels.

The aforementioned are just some of the new Bitcoin games which you may enjoy while you’re aiming to earn more. Gladly, these games are being offered by many online casinos so you need not worry about where these can be enjoyed.