After your civilization's building games such as Age of Empire, for example, the Egyptomaniacs could rejoice as their pharaonic adventures were also born in the game. Cleopatra:  The Queen of the Nile, Pharaoh's official add-on, has indeed arrived on PC to extend this historical and strategic fresco.

So here's something to prolong and enrich the epic adventures of the Egyptians. The Queen of the Nile in fact proposes to continue the chronology of Pharaoh by taking up the story from the New Kingdom, where precisely the original title left the fresco in abeyance. Four new campaigns will therefore be on the program of this extension to take us through the New Kingdom and take us back to the Ptolemaic era, the period of the reign of the last Pharaoh of Egypt. Briefly, this software gives us material to prolong the splendor of the empire, its worship of deities but especially its titanic constructions.

For those who would have missed an episode and went straight to, Pharaoh, starting from a concept similar to that of the Caesar series, proposes to create a real dynasty, starting from a few huts built on the banks of the Nile, to end up with a colossal empire. You build and create zones of activity so that populations settle there and then, one thing leading to another, you must quickly establish shops, industries, but also places of meeting, leisure, education and of course worship. The continuation is only management and extension, leading you to control many factors related to your population or your sectors of activity. Nothing revolutionary therefore, but a particularly attractive principle, linked to the charm of the time and the mystery surrounding this civilization. In other words, The Queen of the Nile does not come to reshape a scenario and a concept that works, but, on the contrary, to enrich it.

Cleopatra therefore offers four campaigns with fifteen missions each, allowing you to "replay review history" by following the chronology or to choose the order of their execution. You will have to build the Valley of the Kings, the lighthouse of Alexandria, or go to war and defend your population against new enemies, including the Assyrians, Phoenicians, Romans and Persians. You'll need to protect your cities but also lead your troops or those of your allies into battle against invaders or traitors from your own ranks. But the expansion that Cleopatra proposes is not limited to this and you will discover new food resources, new animals and new industries that will allow you to extend your activity to the exploitation of henna, to the realization of paintings, in short, new techniques that will lead you to embellish your constructions and to attack the new buildings proposed by this add-on, including new statues, new buildings, but especially the construction of tombs worthy of the greatest rulers, such as the temple of Karnak. To optimize these constructions, you can even summon new deities who, if you honor them properly, will take you in grace and speed up the construction of your architectural deliriums. As an added bonus, you can also keep your troops, your economy or even your buildings, depending on the mission.

While Cleopatra offers a large number of new elements to add to Pharaoh, the interface and gameplay remain unchanged. New commands, however, make certain actions and commands easier by offering new keyboard shortcuts. The graphics on their side seem to be slightly reworked without bringing any significant modification. We thus keep the graphical universe of the original title, which is far from being a handicap. The situation of the game remains as readable as ever and you can move quickly between the different areas of the map.

To sum up, Cleopatra : The Queen of the Nile extends the adventures of Pharaoh while giving him a second wind and a considerable revival of interest. Without profoundly reshaping the title, the latter is enriched with a new historical fresco but also new gameplay possibilities, which ensure the homogeneity of this game while respecting the entire chronology of the Egyptian Empire.