Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Find The Mysterious Potatoes

Most of the quests in life simulator Disney Dreamlight Valley involve helping the various Disney and Pixar characters who inhabit the magical valley. One rare exception to this trend is the recently implemented Secret Quest, which requires collecting potatoes of various colors hidden around the Valley and using them to brew potent potions. This is probably the trickiest quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as the game features almost no hints about how to complete it. This guide will cover how to find each of these potatoes hidden around the Valley. A second part will include how to brew the necessary potions.

NOTE: As of right now, the Mysterious Potatoes Secret Quest is INCOMPLETE. This guide covers how to find all of the potatoes currently implemented in the game. It will be updated as more parts of the quest are added to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Unlock The Mysterious Golden Potato


The Mysterious Golden Potato is the first potato you can find, and it is also the easiest to acquire. A few months ago, a strange code appeared in a social media post shared by the official Disney Dreamlight Valley team. Luckily, this code is still active and does not seem to have an expiration date.

Simply go into the “Settings” menu in game, head over to the “Help” tap and find the area labeled “Redemption Code.” Enter the following:


Shortly after you enter this code, you will receive the Mysterious Golden Potato in your mailbox. It may take up to one in-game day for the potato to appear.

How To Find The Red Potato


With the Golden Potato in your inventory, head to Remy’s house. You will notice some sparkles surrounding Remy’s counter and refrigerator. Head up to the counter to get an “Interact” prompt. Click this prompt to receive the Red Potato. (You cannot complete this step if Remy has not moved to Dreamlight Valley, because his house will not be in place.)

How To Find The Orange Potato


Before starting this quest, make sure you have completed Scrooge McDuck’s Friendship Quest “Treasure Hunt” and received the item Lenses of Shadow as your reward. Head to your Wardrobe tab and equip the Lenses of Shadow, as you will need to be wearing them the entire time. These Lenses help you locate secrets hidden around the Valley.

Instead of looking for the Orange Potato itself, you will need to use the Lenses of Shadow to find 20 Orange Pebbles scattered around the Valley. The Pebbles can ONLY be seen when wearing the Lenses! These pebbles are also TINY and can be quite difficult to notice, especially in the Castle itself as they tend to blend in with the patterned floor. Additionally, all Realms where Pebbles are found must be unlocked by spending Dreamlight before you can enter them and search.

They are found in the following locations:


  • 3 in Dream Castle
    • Behind the pillar on the second floor balcony
    • By the pillar to the left of the entrance
    • Beside a potted plant near the rightmost door on the top floor
  • 3 in the castle’s Secret Room (unlocked by completing Mickey Mouse’s Friendship Quest “The Secret Door”)
    • Next to the green couch and burlap sack
    • At the base of the hanging shelf
    • Between the three barrels and Mickey’s workbench
  • 4 in the Moana Realm
    • Next to the campfire
    • At the point of the sand spit
    • In the grassy area, beside a palm tree
    • Next to the large pile of rocks beside the banana tree


  • 1 in the Ratatouille Realm
    • On the floor next to the sacks of peanut
  • 2 in the WALL-E Realm
    • In a corner next to a planted sapling and the broken-down road
    • Between the broken refrigerator and the Crafting Station
  • 3 in the Frozen Realm
    • Behind the standing stone with the teardrop pattern
    • Next to a rectangular rock midway through the forest
    • In front of the second exit portal, in the deepest part of the Realm


  • 4 in the Toy Story Realm
    • Next to the blue book with white clouds on it
    • Inside the closet, under the drawing of a blue elephant
    • Beside the red backpack near the exit portal
    • Beside the bed, next to the light blue puzzle-shaped carpet

Once you have collected all 20 Orange Pebbles, head to the nearest Crafting Station. Under the Functional Items tab, you will find a recipe for Orange Potato. Craft the Orange Potato using the 20 Orange Pebbles.

How To Find The Blue Potato


Once again, make sure that either the Golden Potato or Gleaming Golden Potion is in your inventory. Then, head to Ursula’s house and pick up the Blue Potato that is lying on the ground. (You will first have to have completed the story quest “With Great Power” and freed Ursula from her confinement. Otherwise, her house will not appear in the Valley.)

To learn how to brew these four potatoes into four mysterious potions, check out the second part of our guide!

As of right now, these four potatoes (and their respective potions) are the only ones that can be found in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Nothing can be done with the potatoes yet, so keep them safe in your inventory or one of your storage chests. It is likely that more potatoes and potions will be added in future Disney Dreamlight Valley updates, so keep an eye on GameLuster for more potato guides! In the meantime, make sure to check out our other Dreamlight Valley guides to learn how to unlock Mirabel Madrigal, make Training Manuals and more!

What do you think of the Mysterious Potato secret quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Which has been your favorite so far! Comment below and let us know!

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4 days ago

I was only able to find 19 orange pebbles. Only 2 are spawning in Mickey’s secret room. I pressed a through out the room. Anyone else have this issue, or know an alternate area one may spawn? Thanks for this page btw!!

1 day ago
Reply to  Aaron

you would have gotten a book from Mickey’s room… in there you can interact with the bookcase, the last pebble is in that secret room 😀