Final E3 Schedule

Monday, June 4

Microsoft9:30 am PT    11:30am CT5:30 pm GMT
Electronic Arts
1:00 pm PT      3:00pm CT9:00 pm GMT
Ubisoft3:00 pm PT      5:00pm CT11:00 pm GMT
Sony6:00 pm PT      8:00pm CT2:00 am GMT (Tuesday morning)

Tuesday, June 5

Nintendo9:00 am PT 11:00 am CT5:00 pm GMT
Nintendo Evening Conference #1
6:00 pm PT  8:00pm CT2:00 am GMT (Wednesday Morning)

Wednesday, June 6

Nintendo Evening Conference #2
6:00 pm PT   8:00 pm CT2:00am GMT (Thursday morning)


We will also be linking to all Live feeds and Live Blogs so you won't miss out.
Also we will try to do a small Discussion of our E3 Predictions

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  • Foge
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    Grazi for maknig it nice and EZ.

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