Capcom plans launch a Lost Planet spin-off title for the PlayStation 3 and 3DS called EX Troopers, the information comes fromJapanese gaming magazine Famitsu (translated by Andriasang). Development on the game will be led by Monster Hunter series producer Shintaro Kojima.

Although EX Troopers will take place in the same world as Lost Planet, that seems to be only similar between the titles. EX Troopers will be in an anime visual style and will tell a “school-themed story,” says Famitsu

Kojima said  EX Troopers was designed with the intent to be a beginner’s action shooter, but did not elaborate further. It is around60 percent complete, and it is planned to ship later this year, ahead of 2013’s Lost Planet 3. That game will be a prequel to the original Lost Planet, andbeing developed at Spark Unlimited.