Fire Emblem: Three Houses Adds New Side Story through Expansion Pass

Nintendo has just announced the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ fourth and final wave of Expansion Pass content.

This wave introduces a new area and characters in the world of Fódlan. Rumors about a secret town located underneath the monastery called Abyss have begun to surface, leading to the town’s discovery. Abyss is a town full of people who claim to be ‘rejected’ by the surface world. In this wave of DLC, Byleth becomes the teacher of the fourth, ‘secret’ house made of students from Abyss called the Ashen Wolves.

The class has 4 members: Yuri, Constance, Hapi, and Balthus. Yuri’s outfit matches the other lords, so it is presumed he is a lord and the leader of the house. This DLC adds what the trailer calls a ‘side story’ called Cindered Shadows to the paths of Fire Emblem. The DLC will also add new classes, quests, paralogues, and more activities.

The Ashen Wolves from left to right: Hapi, Yuri, Balthus, and Constance.

This new content is slated to arrive on February 13 and can only be accessed through the Expansion Pass.

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