Hey everybody, I have been working on a few things for GameLuster and even things outside GameLuster.

I would to first announce that GameLuster will be getting its own Podcast very soon. We hope we would be able to do this on a monthly basis and maybe even do it a faster pace.

Also the staff has become a bit lacking so if you would like to help please look at the Join the Team page. If you have any questions send them here.

Besides the podcast, GameLuster has grown, more ways than one. I would like to properly announce GizmoLuster and HackLuster.

GizmoLuster would cater to people’s need of technology news and more. If you like tech stuff and would like to join the staff send an email to moises@gizmoluster

HackLuster is meant for those who want more out of their system.

So with that I hope this next week the schedule can ramp up faster here at GameLuster.

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