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Today, every industry is doing its best to figure out how to apply the latest technological advances in data analysis and AI. And the gambling industry is no exception. Several things stand in the way of the growth of modern casinos and gaming facilities. They include inefficient security, fraud, theft, and poor marketing strategies.

Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence technology can eliminate most of these problems and improve efficiency and revenue generation. So, how are casinos using Artificial Intelligence technology to improve their profitability? Let’s find out.

1.      Identifying and tracking players

In the gaming industry, artificial intelligence is used to record and analyze mountains of player data. This enables casinos to have a clear understanding of what’s happening around all the time. These insights significantly improve the process of identifying and tracking players.

For instance, casinos that have successfully integrated artificial intelligence with facial match technology can easily and efficiently track the progress of every player on the premises. Using data obtained from the facial match technology, the AI system can create a clear picture of the player’s journey within the casino.

This enables no account casino sites to build profiles of their players based on the individual’s face and identify potential players and their habits for maximum effects when creating and executing personalized marketing strategies.

Also, facial matching and artificial intelligence can improve a casino’s ability to adhere to regulations and compliance especially for players who have been added to exclusion lists. Some players have decided not to participate in any form of gambling due to a gambling addiction or otherwise. In some cases, a casino can be fined by the authorities for failing to comply with these regulations.

2.      Monitoring transactions

One of the major issues affecting both online and land-based casinos today is money laundering. Failure to adhere to anti-money laundering regulations can lead to hefty fines if it’s not addressed properly in the long run. Artificial Intelligence systems can make a huge difference by spotting non-compliance issues before they become serious problems. And report on incidents clearly to provide proof in case a legal problem arises.

When used together with facial matching technology, Artificial Intelligence systems can quickly monitor transactions in real-time and take action in case they seem unusual. This means identifying worrying anti-money laundering compliance cases and transactions that have to be reported to the IRS or prevent individuals who’ve broken the law from playing casino games.

With Artificial Intelligence and facial matching systems, casinos can adhere to the anti-money laundering regulations all the time. This will not only build the reputation of the casino but also help operators avoid hefty fines in the long run.

3.      Minimize theft

As the majority of casino operators will tell you, theft and fraud cases in a casino usually include guests and patrons. However, they can be easily traced back to an employee in the casino often operating behind the scenes for months or years. This can lead to major losses if such cases are not identified and stopped on time. Fortunately, with Artificial Intelligence, you can spot such cases immediately.

Artificial Intelligence systems allow operators to identify instances of theft and fraud as soon as they occur rather than weeks or months later when the accounting books fail to balance. With such information, casino operators can take action quickly to avoid losses and a repetition of such actions in the future. Since artificial intelligence shows clearly how fraud happens in the casino, operators and law enforcement agencies can prevent such crimes from happening in the future easily.

4.      Maximizing player returns through loyalty and reward programs

Most online casino operators have realized that bonuses and loyalty programs attract potential players and yield lots of benefits to the casino's revenues and profits. These programs keep players engaged with casino games and encourage them to return to earn more points. AI technology can be used to enhance engagement by personalizing bonus offers and rewards. Since AI tracks players’ actions in the casino, operators can easily determine the best time to provide players with rewards and loyalty points to boost engagement levels.