Grand Theft Auto, the famous video game that has been around for many years now, is always transforming and creating new missions and games so that user’s never get bored.  This is one of the reasons why the game is still very popular and successful even though it was launched more than ten years ago. Their most loyal fans wait anxiously for updates and new features every year so that they can spend hours, weeks and days discovering how to succeed at every new mission. From PC, to consoles and even the online version, nowadays it is easier to play as you are given much more options to access the game.


GTA was updated a year ago. The developers wanted to go forward and created a casino game where gamers play for real money. Now amateur players who spend their time watching video poker, have the possibility to play on a real game through one of the most famous video games. Diamond Casino GTA offers poker, roulette and slots virtual machines for their enjoyment. The idea of this update in the game is to give all gamers the opportunity of have a first real experience of a casino without using the character of the game.


They might seem easy, but the Diamond Casino & Resort missions are very hard to complete. You can earn rewards in the six different missions that game offers, but you need to be very wise. The casino was an update for the online version of Grand Theft Auto released in 2019, and the idea behind it was to incorporate as much as news activities for players to take advantage of. As the casino missions are hard, you can expect to spend hours and hours of your time to complete them and of course, prizes are worth the wait as you can get great rewards. The six missions that were developed for this update were; Loose Cheng, Housekeeping, Strong Arm Tactics, Play to Win, Bad Beat Casino and Cashing Out.


If you wish to play at the casino, first you need to pay the fee for the VIP membership, and then you will be able to access the casino’s list. After you’ve done this, you will receive a call from the casino’s owner named Agatha Barker, who will give you your first mission. And from then on, once you complete each mission you’ll be able to go into the next until you have completed all of them. Of course, as previously mentioned, this will not be an easy task but the rewards are worth it. When you finish each mission, you’ll be able to earn between $5,000 and $10,000 thousand dollars for each completed mission and you will also be entitled to an extra $100 k dollars that you can exchange for “casino chips” and use them to play different games in the casino. Just like a regular online casino. But, that’s not all. The best and most exciting reward if you are lucky enough, is that you will receive a text message letting you know that a brand new car is waiting for you outside of the casino.


Grand Theft Auto is one of those video games that has found their key to success and that is always innovating and creating new ways in which the players can have the most out of it. The creators behind the game never thought that the game would be so successful and that they would be making so much money out of it. Now, ten years later, they have offices in many countries of the world and have hired many game developers that each year present more missions and features. That is what makes the video game industry such an interesting one. It has gained millions and millions of players throughout the years and as a result of that it has become one of the most profitable industries out there. Video game companies should take this into account; players are faithful, fans will be there. But you need to be clever enough to keep them hooked and entertained. GTA creators are aware that Casinos are a really great bet to include in the game, as many gamers also enjoy betting and playing chance games. And if you offer them rewards in return, they’ll be there.


So there you have it, at least you will be spending a lot of time figuring out how to get more money and complete the casino’s six missions. Not only to earn money and get a car, but to become one of the best players of GTA out there. You can even compete with your friends and bet who will be the first one to complete the missions. The good thing is that you ‘ll also be able to play casino games while you are at it.



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