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Those who are well aware of the terms of the online casino industry must have ample know-how about the Maltese Casino Company, Pragmatic Play Limited. It recently hit the news by announcing to launch the latest and one of the most modern Video Slots named Hot to Burn: Hold and Spin. The news made a huge noise in the online casino industry as soon as the press release hit the media. The newly launched game is highly compatible with mobile and comes with greater chances of winning attractive money prices. The following lines are about some of the features of the newest addition in the pragmatic play casinos family.

Instant Entertainment

Hot to Burn: Hold and Spin comes with instant bonuses and rewards for the players. It offers a number of multipliers that can upsurge up to as high as 5000 more than the triggering stake. It offers a huge variety of exciting features that prove to be enough for the customers to keep them engaged. Some of the features are the latest additions and were not included in the previous video slot additions by the Pragmatic Play Limited.

Monetary Bonuses and Rewards

The ultimate video slot addition by the pragmatic casino is the best option for those players who are interested in swift and huge rewards. The game comes with a lot of bonuses for the regular members that are helpful in encouraging the players to take part a bit more regularly. The lucky players get chances of winning prizes as high as 100 times more than that of triggering stake. The money bonuses and rewards are presented by Hold and Spin features that also allow free spins to the lucky winners.

Press Release and Appreciation

The Business Development Officer of Pragmatic Play Limited who is named Yossi Barzley released the news of the launch of the new casino video slot and explains that this game will turn out to be perfect for the players with the skills of every level. The whole package will provide full exciting features for the players. He further explained that the game Hold to Burn: Hold and Spin comes with a user-friendly interface that helps the players understanding the game better. Once the understanding is developed and the features are understood properly, the players will be able to perform better.

Bottom Line

The Pragmatic Play Limited had launched earlier additions of the video slots in the past but the latest addition and an upgrade to the previous additions have already made a name for itself in the online casino industry. The latest pragmatic slot features come with an easy-to-understand program and a lot of bonuses for the players. Moreover, the luckier players will also get a chance to win free spins and additional monetary rewards. All the information was gathered with the help of exycasinos.


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