Join the Team

GameLuster is seeking writers and content creators

If you want to write about games and want to be part of a website team, we'd love to hear from you.

In addition to writing, we’d love it if you participated in our recently started podcast or contributed any audio-visual content. This could be gameplay recording and editing (with or without commentary), news montages, webcam monologues, or anything else A/V, provided it fits with the purpose of sharing enthusiasm for games, commenting on games, or is appropriate content for a video game website.

This is a position that could grow into other areas. We’d bring you on as a writer, but if you gravitate towards A/V work, you could become a graphic designer, or an audio editor, or a video producer – etc. We bring someone in and give that person the freedom to step up to the plate as they see fit.

There is minor compensation pay, currently you won't get rich. Other, non-monetary benefits include networking with fellow gamers, becoming a better writer or content creator, review codes, and building an online portfolio.
We’re on Discord and we ask each new hire to sign up for GamesPress and N4G. Using Twitter is highly recommended.

If interested, email the administrator, Moises Garza a statement of purpose – why you want to work on a video game website – and 1-2 writing sample(s) on something gaming-related. The email address to use is

If you have a resume with relevant writing, editing, audio-visual, academic, or job experience, you may include it, but a resume is not required. Please share any experience in A/V creation, if you have it, but we would be hiring you as a writer, so, if you don’t have it, don’t worry. The basic point here is, though a writer, you would be welcome to contribute any kind of content you like, or otherwise contribute to the website and its image and growth.

We hope to hear from you, and would love to welcome you to the GameLuster crew!


  1. We cannot guarantee we will be able to respond to every application received.
  2. There is minor compensation pay but not a lot.
  3. While it may be possible to request and receive a review copy of a game, and we do receive game codes for use in coverage, you are not guaranteed to receive any, or one, for any particular game.