Keiichi Ono from Monolith Soft has left the company this January. He helped with Xenoblade and Baiten Kaitos games. In his resume reveals some games that have weren't announced or canceled.

May 2000 – Jan 2012 (11 years 9 months)

- Xenosaga Episode 1 (RPG/PS2)
[Cutscene Production] In charge of cutting and directing cutscenes, and implementation of scripts.

- Baten Kaitos (RPG/GC)
[Event/Cutscene Lead] Responsible for direction of all 2D events and 3D cutscenes in the game, defining specifications, and overall supervision of implementation.

- Baten Kaitos 2 (RPG/GC)
Same as above.

- Disaster Day of Crisis (Action/Wii)
[Planning] Responsible for creating the planning pitch, presenting it to the publisher, starting up the project, and staffing.
[Director] Responsible for leading an internal team of about 60 people and coordinating with many other staff from external companies both domestic and overseas.
[Lead Game Design/Script] Responsible for total game design and the main scenario.

- Unannounced Title (Action/Wii)
[Main Planner] Responsible for planning supervision, main game design, and creation of the story plot.

- The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (Action RPG/Wii)
[Monolithsoft Main Planner] Responsible for leading the planning staff from Monolithsoft who contributed to the project, and supervision of all planning content from Monolithsoft.
[Level Design/Stage Production] Responsible for field layout designs and implementating them with the toolset.
[Concept/Script/Production For Sub-events] Responsible conceptualizing sub-events, writing the text, and implementing them with the toolset.

- Unannounced Title (RPG/Unknown Platform)
[Battle Supervision] Responsible for supervision over the overall combat mechanics in the RPG. Also responsible for game design, defining specifications, staff management, and prototyping using Unity.