Lesson Learned Review – The Power Of Friendship Defense Mix

When a bunch of students are thrown into another world, what do they do? In Lesson Learned, they band together to create towers that defeat their enemies. The students must reunite with each other and split the labor necessary for their defense. Some must gather resources, others help with overall construction or repairs. As you progress through different regions, your technology gets stronger as well as your enemies.

Lesson Learned is a tower defense game developed by MadGamesmith that takes you across several historical eras. You learn basic tower construction and resource gathering but it’s too much on your own. Fortunately, other students are willing to help by constructing and gathering resources for you. By efficiently dividing tasks and finding the right combination of towers, you can rescue other students and survive.

Lesson Learned Prehistoric Battles
Enemies from different eras come to keep you here forever.

Having others help you with tasks makes a big difference. Instead of being solely responsible for everyone’s defense, it’s an actual team effort. It’s easier to split tasks and assemble your defenses without unrealistic expectations. Rather than your achievements playing a passive role, the people you rescue are genuine helpers. This makes you feel like you are making progress and that you aren’t alone.

The tower defense difficulty is balanced with your new companions. Early enemy waves aren’t too challenging but you must adapt later on. Resources also become scarce, forcing you to harvest in different areas or move your defenses. Every tower gets time in the spotlight as you figure out the most effective strategies. You can even control the difficulty of the waves, progressing even on the easiest setting.

Lesson Learned Boss Battle Note
Bosses are not subtle about their arrival.

This comes together to make Lesson Learned an accessible tower defense. While there is pride in clearing the highest difficulty, there’s no shame in making things easier. You can take your time, experiment, and discover what works for you. If waves are overwhelming, there’s no reason to suffer and grind. You can always go back when you have more experience. This also goes for revisiting objectives you may have missed.

You are not just a passive observer during enemy waves either, stunning enemies with slingshots and acquiring special ammo. Even as enemies arrive, you can still build new towers and gather resources. Firing at enemies stuns them or inflicts status effects if using special ammo. It’s a chaotic mess in a good way, since you are constantly balancing multiple priorities. Learning what is and isn’t important depends on the level, encouraging you to adapt your tactics accordingly.

Lesson Learned Tower Upgrades
Upgrading your towers is crucial to your survival.

The biggest weakness of Lesson Learned is that it doesn’t stand out from other tower defense games. There are upgrades, new levels, resource gathering, and enemy variations. But there’s nothing fundamentally new that Lesson Learned brings to the table. Having students gather resources and build towers for you is new, but increased resource gathering and construction isn’t. Even playing on certain difficulties doesn’t change much about the game. This makes it hard to recommend Lesson Learned as a new tower defense game. It’s certainly a fun game and a different experience, but it’s tough to recommend it to someone who already plays tower defense games. The historical aspects and tower upgrades are wonderful additions, but nothing special is done with them. At its core, it’s just a tower defense with a history theme and teamwork.

The tower defense also involves protecting your resource gathering point, or “base”. As the waves advance, the base occasionally retreats further into the level. On one hand, that’s convenient as it always moves towards resources. This makes it easy to collect resources when areas run dry. On the other hand, you also build your defenses close to enemy spawn points. It’s not easy to move your towers and leaving prevents your character from using their slingshot. Retreating to build your towers doesn’t make much sense either, especially when some enemies are capable of destroying them.

Lesson Learned Tower Formations
Tower formations are difficult to move, forcing you to stay.

Having other students gather resources for you is convenient, though the inconveniences pop up later. Once you have more resources to potentially harvest and areas get bigger, it’s easy to lose track of students. They also automate their harvesting at odd times; sometimes they follow your intent but then give up after a single harvest. You must manually coordinate your students instead of automating them with tasks. While this makes sense in earlier levels, it becomes inconvenient later on when students are forced to move farther away.

Lesson Learned is a decent tower defense game and if you haven’t played many of them, you will have a good time. The mechanics are solid, interacting with students as helpers is enjoyable, and you can set your own pace. It just doesn’t stand out from other tower defense games in the market, nor does it break any ground. You can expect a good time, but nothing extraordinary.

Victor played Lesson Learned on PC with a review code.

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