Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: All Chapter 1 Requests Guide

Requests in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code are the game’s version of side quests, smaller mysteries that Yuma Kokohead is hired to solve as he investigates Kanai Ward’s larger secret. While they are optional, completing Requests is highly recommended, as it rewards Yuma with the Detective Points he needs to purchase valuable skills. Chapters 1-4 of the game feature four requests each, for a total of 16. This guide covers the locations and solutions of all Requests in Chapter 1 of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code.

Detective Work?

Request1 10

As the first Request you will encounter in the game, this one is used to introduce players to the concept of Requests. It triggers automatically when talking to Vivia Twilight, who is located underneath the piano at the Hotel in Kamasaki District. He asks Yuma to find a book that he has been wanting to read.

Leave the hotel and talk to the Fed-Up Man standing directly outside. He will direct you to Book-Loving Man, who is slightly further down the street to the right. Talk to this second man to learn that Kamasaki’s only bookstore might have a copy. Head up two flights of stairs to the bookstore (there’s a Vivia Memory Shard here if you haven’t yet picked it up).

The owner of the store has very few copies, so he insists that you prove you know the title of the book before he sells it to you. The correct answer is Crow and Dove: Survival of the Fittest – World Salvation. Finally, return the book to Vivia at the hotel to complete this Request.

Paired With The Devil

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Late in Chapter 1’s investigation, Yuma Kokohead will gain access to the Montclair Street Mansion area of Kanai Ward. There, a woman in a tan suit under a light-up umbrella is standing directly in front of the mansion. Talk to her to learn that she is involved in an arranged marriage with a partner she cannot stand. She has decided not to go through with the marriage and wants Yuma to bring a letter to her father.

You can find the woman’s father just inside Kanai Station. He is recognizable by the navy suit he wears. Talk to the man to deliver the letter; thankfully, he will accept the decision his daughter has made. After you finish talking to the woman’s father, you are automatically teleported back to the Mansion to report your success to the lady herself.

Snatch the Snatcher

Request1 4

On the main street of Kamasaki District is a Woman who has lost her purse. Talk to her to begin this Request. Listen carefully to her description of the Purse Snatcher and what he is wearing.

Now, you must select the correct Snatcher from several similar-looking men around Kamasaki District. The actual Snatcher is standing on the upper-level walkway next to a poster-covered wall. Pick the correct Snatcher to finish the Request and earn some Detective Points! (Identifying the wrong Snatcher can decrease your DP reward, so make sure you get the right guy!)

Spirited Away

Request1 2

As soon as you are given access to the Ginma District, you will see a Kind-Looking Woman and a Modest Man standing off to the side of the street. Talk to them to learn that their child has gone missing. Head back to Kamasaki District to see that there are now several marked NPCs with information about the child. However, the only one who has actual useful info is the Middle-Aged Woman standing on the main street holding an umbrella.

Once you learn the child’s whereabouts, head to the Underground in Kamasaki District to trigger a cutscene. During the cutscene, Yuma will be prompted to “Save himself” or “Save the child.” While both options will complete the quest, “Save the child” will reward Yuma with more Detective Points. After the cutscene concludes, return to Ginma District and the concerned couple to finish this Request.

These are all four of the Requests available in Chapter 1 of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, as well as how to complete them. If you are struggling with any of the other tricky puzzles in this game, check out GameLuster’s other Rain Code guides including how to solve Mystery Labyrinths, how to collect Memory Fragments, and more!

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