Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: All Vivia Twilight Memory Shard Locations

Vivia Twilight is the quietest and most mysterious of the Master Detectives stationed in Kanai Ward. Pretty much the only way to learn more about him is via collecting Emerald Memory Shards to unlock his Gumshoe Gab conversations. Luckily, for players who want to learn more about Vivia, this guide will cover how to find all of his Memory Fragments – including the chapters they are found in – in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code.

Shard #1: Can’t Live Without Books


Vivia loves books, so of course his first Memory Shard is found in a bookshop! To reach the bookshop, climb two sets of stairs to the highest level of Kamasaki District. The shard is sitting on a bookshelf next to the store entrance. It can be collected at any time between Chapter 1 and Chapter 4 of the game.

Shard #2: Even Crows Want To Pray


Also in Chapter 1, Yuma must visit Kanai Ward’s church to solve the mysterious Nail Man killings. Instead of immediately talking to the witnesses in front of the church, head around the building to the left to find Vivia’s second shard next to an iron fence. As with the previous shard, this one remains available until Chapter 4.

Shard #3: Very Bad City, Very Bad Cars


Once Yuma is able to leave the Resistance Hideout in Dohya District in Chapter 3, head behind the building and find Vivia’s third Memory Shard underneath a van in the parking lot. If you miss this shard during Chapter 3, you can also grab it during Chapter 4.

Shard #4: Floating Peacefully


Near the end of Chapter 3’s investigation period, Marunomon District becomes flooded. While navigating the flooded city in a boat, you can find Vivia’s fourth shard on top of a metal box near the entrance to the power plant. It is also available during Chapter 4.

Shard #5: Beyond The Red Bridge


Vivia’s final Memory Shard can only be found in Chapter 5. Near the very end of the investigation, as Yuma approaches the old bath house, you will need to cross a red bridge. Just after this bridge is a rock with Vivia’s last Memory Shard on top of it. If you reach the bamboo grove where Yakou’s final shard is, you’ve gone too far!

Once you have all five shards, you can enter the Menu to converse with Vivia via the Gumshoe Gab mechanic. After hearing all five conversations, you will learn a lot more about this reclusive detective! If you’re stuck trying to find any other Memory Shards or solving any of the game’s many Mystery Labyrinths, make sure to check out GameLuster’s other Master Detective Archives: Rain Code guides while you’re here.

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