Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: All Chapter 3 Mystery Labyrinth Solutions

Spike Chunsoft’s new mystery adventure Master Detective Archives: Rain Code features a ton of tricky cases, and its fourth case is no exception. In Chapter 3, a massive act of destruction shakes Kanai Ward, and freedom fighter Shachi is found dead, supposedly by his own hand. Yuma Kokohead teams up with Fubuki Clockford, the time-bending heiress, to figure out both who killed Shachi and why the Marunomon business district wound up flooded. This is an extra-tricky Mystery Labyrinth, but this guide features the solutions to each puzzle found in Chapter 3: No Longer A Detective.

This guide contains SPOILERS for Chapter 3 of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code.

Part 1: Suicide Or Homicide?

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The Peacekeepers battled in this chapter’s Mystery Labyrinth are a duo: the tiny but ferocious Guillame Hall and her massive assistant Dominic Fulltank. They start things out with a Reasoning Death Match in which the pair attempts to assert that Yuma himself killed Shachi. Luckily, there’s hard evidence that this is not the case. When Guillame says that Yuma should “confess to shooting Shachi on the roof,” respond with “Security Camera Footage.” The fatal shot rang out BEFORE Yuma reached the rooftop!

The Labyrinth then brings up the question of what the murder weapon was. Answer that it was Shachi’s personal gun – no other weapon was found at or near the scene. Guillame refuses to accept Yuma’s innocence, claiming he could have shot Shachi “from the roof of the building next door.” Rebut with “Parallel Wound.” The wound was completely parallel, and the neighboring building was taller, which would have produced an angled shot.

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Next, Guillame will begin arguing that the death was instead a suicide. However, when asked what Shachi’s death was, respond with homicide. Immediately after, the question “what proves it was a homicide?” will appear. Answer once again with Shachi’s gun – remember that Yuma noticed something odd about it, specifically that the cylinder swings to the right. Shinigami will be confused, and ask you to clarify via a Shinigami Puzzle. Spell out L-E-F-T – Shachi was left-handed, hence why his gun needed a unique design. This will be added as a Solution Key.

The battle against Guillame and Dominic starts up once more. First, repel “Shachi definitely committed suicide,” as you now have hard evidence that he did not. Slash “Shachi shot himself with the gun in his dominant hand” with the new Key “Shachi Is Left-Handed.” The gun was found in his right hand, and the bullet wound was in his right temple – had Shachi truly committed suicide, he would have used his stronger left hand.

Part 2: How Did The Culprit Escape?

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Now you’ve proven that it was a homicide, but one question remains – how did the culprit escape from the roof? Yuma was coming up the emergency stairs, and Peacekeepers were inside the hideout, but nobody saw the killer. Still, when asked “Where did the killer shoot Shachi from?” select “Roof of the hideout,” as there is simply no other option.

You will find yourself back at the crime scene. Examine every option, but none of them reveals the criminal’s escape route. Have Shinigami use her Crime Scene Recreation ability to recreate when Shachi first called Yuma up to the roof, so Yuma can see how the roof looked prior to the murder. Then, peer off the rooftop’s edge to have Yuma spot a storm drain.

2023070209462900 s

Armed with this new Solution Key, Yuma can enter the next Reasoning Death Match with confidence. Repel the assertion “no one could have left that rooftop,” as it’s no longer true. Slash “See, there’s simply no place to run” with “Storm Drain.” When asked to use your Repel ability to pick the culprit’s true escape route, repel “they dove into the drain.”

Part 3: Who Is The Culprit?

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Now, it’s finally time to identify the culprit behind Shachi’s murder. As with previous cases, you will be rapidly asked a series of questions that lead to naming the culprit directly. These questions and answers are listed below:

  • Who was capable of committing the crime? Resistance Leader – only they had access to the safe where Shachi’s gun was
  • What would be necessary for the culprit to commit the crime? Be good at swimming – they had to dive into a flooded drain and swim through it to escape
  • Who is the culprit? Icardi – he is a former professional swimmer

Of course, Icardi immediately turns into a Mystery Phantom and denies that he is the killer. Instead, he tries to accuse the other three Resistance Leaders of murdering Shachi. One by one, use your Solution Keys to refute Icardi’s accusations.

2023070209523600 s

First, he insists it must be Margulaw. Slash “Margulaw is the killer” with “Margulaw’s Alibi,” as security cameras prove he was working at his shop when the murder happened. Next, Icardi will accuse Iruka. Slash “…and make it look like a suicide” with “Shach’s Gun Designed By Iruka.” Iruka, who made the gun herself, would have known that Shachi is left-handed and would not have mistakenly put the gun in his right hand. Finally, Icardi will claim that Servan was responsible. However, you can contradict “…and escape through the drain” with “Servan’s Traumatic Experience.” Servan was deathly afraid of water and drowning, so he could not have swum through the drain.

Lastly, you must identify why Icardi killed Shachi and sent Yuma on a wild goose chase setting up bombs around Kanai Ward. Choose that the bombs were a diversion – only one bomb actually went off, and it didn’t do any damage. The bombing did not accomplish anything, so it must have been a diversion. When asked “What was the culprit doing while the diversion occurred?” choose “Flooding Marunomon District.” The flood was the only major change that happened at the time, so it must have been the killer’s true motive.

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During the GOD Shinigami mini-game, knock away Icardi’s many objections with the A, X, and Y buttons. When Icardi insists that he flooded Marunomon “to end the disparity between rich and poor,” rebut him with “Marunomon Safe.” The safes used in the wealthy banking district were watertight and could float, allowing Icardi to steal their contents while the district was flooded. His true motive was not noble at all, but selfish – he wished to steal the money for himself!

Part 4: Deduction Denouement

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During the Deduction Denouement, Yuma (and you!) must recap the details of the case to put together Icardi’s entire plan. The questions and answers to this Denouement are presented below in the order they appear:

  • What did Yuma set up for the Resistance? Surveillance Cameras
  • Where did the bombing occur? Phone Booth
  • What weapon did the culprit obtain? Shachi’s Gun
  • The culprit placed the gun in which person’s hand? Shachi’s Right Hand
  • Where did the culprit flee from? Opened Drain
  • What did the culprit do in Marunomon? Submerge
  • Who is the culprit? Icardi

2023070210380700 s

With this, the Mystery Labyrinth will be solved and Icardi will be brought to justice before he can escape with his stolen safes and money. This concludes Chapter 3, No Longer A Detective, which ends with Yuma at last reunited with the other Master Detectives but Marunomon District unfortunately still flooded and the Resistance in tatters. This tricky chapter is just one of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code’s many compelling cases, so make sure to check out GameLuster’s other Mystery Labyrinth guides for Chapter 0, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and more!

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