This year, perhaps more than any year, we’ve really enjoyed mobile games. Lockdown has renewed our love of mobile gaming, and It’s brought some must have games to everyone’s attention. Being stuck at home gave us all a chance to delve into the world of games that sit right at our fingertips, or inside our pockets.

Not all games were created equal though. While some might just pass the time, others are essential mobile gaming.

Mario Kart Tour

Finally, the popular Nintendo series released a mobile version of the much-loved racing game. Previously, the Mario Kart series was only available to console users. This mobile game version offers a small range of characters and karts to play with, as well as more to download and unlock as you go. Regular updates offer players brand new elements to the game.

Mario Kart Tour includes a brand-new format, Tours, which last two weeks each and races occur in real time. The courses available are the same familiar favourites, like Rainbow Road, Bowsers Castle and Royal Raceway. Players are also given the same items used to boost their racing as the other classic Mario Kart games, such as Shells and Bananas.

Minecraft App

The mobile gaming version of the much-loved computer game is the top paid app on a number of charts. This game follows much of the same concepts that the original game uses, including the use of blocks to build a world to explore. Within the mobile game, players can play online with up to 4 others.

The most popular playable mode is “survival mode” and is credited for bringing most notoriety to the game. The mobile Minecraft app also offers a rules-free creative mode and an adventure mode. Players are offered purchasable expansion packs, resource packs and a marketplace to discover community creations such as maps, skins, and textures.

888 Casino

Understandably, Online Casinos and Casino Apps you can play from your phones and tablets have increased in popularity during lockdown. While Casinos are closed, mobile games like 888 Casino bring the Las Vegas lifestyle to you. 888 Casino is incredibly popular and boasts a huge revenue and very loyal players.

888 Casino is one of many $1 Minimum deposit mobile Casinos and is often the top rated of them all. The mobile Casino offers games like Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Baccarat among many others. There are also a wide range of payment methods available, including PayPal, for total ease of use.

New players will receive bonuses and rewards such as $88 freeplay and 50 real spins when they join the Casino.

Pokémon Café Mix

On the back of the boom in popularity the Pokémon franchise has experienced in the last few years, a new game has emerged for mobile gamers. Pokémon Café Mix is a puzzle game that involves matching pictures to clear tiles. Each puzzle comes with its own set of objectives to be fulfilled. Solving puzzles leads to drinks and food being made and served to the café’s customers.

The concept involves befriending the Pokémon that visit the café, until they become new staff. When you first join the game, your only help will be Eevee.

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