Messhof, the developer of the 2014 hit cooperative fighting game Nidhogg has revealed that they will be bringing the sequel, simply titled Nidhogg 2, to the Playstation 4. As of now no release date is known for this version of the game, although it can be expected that the developers will try to release it closer to the its PC counterpart, rather then the nine month gap between the original versions release on PC to console.

Nidhogg 2 will bring with it a number of changes to offer an expanded experience, along with more detailed visuals which will improve the experience, the approach to combat has also seen several changes to offer a better quality game. Weaponry will not be exclusive to swords in this game with a greater emphasis provided on different styles, you will able to use a bow and arrow or even an axe which we expect will offer their own strengths and weaknesses to the gameplay.

The Playstation 4 marks the first console that Nidhogg 2 has been announced for, though it remains to be seen whether this will be a console exclusive or if a version will be revealed for the Xbox One in the near future. It is likely we will find out more closer to the release in 2017.