Nintendo is open to future third party Amiibo figures

Nintendo is already making an active attempt to steal from our wallets thanks to their general lineup of Amiibo figures featuring Super Smash Brothers, Mario and more recently Animal Crossing. Now, Nintendo is trying harder to take our money with the prospect of potential third party Amiibo’s, Earlier today Nintendo ushered in a new era for the Amiibo craze with the announcement of the Shovel Knight Amiibo, the first third party Amiibo figure which opens the door for even more possibilities in the future. Nintendo themselves are even open to third parties having their own Amiibo’s for their consoles.

This means down the line we could see further indie developers release Amiibo figures or even one based on the Rayman franchise. Nintendo’s Damon Baker spoke about this saying they will continue to look at proposals, and there is every opportunity for more in the future.

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