No Man’s Sky Lands on Nintendo Switch this October

Since the release of No Man’s Sky in 2016, Hello Games has been hard at work updating their space-survival game. Ahead of the game’s 20th free update, the UK-based studio has announced that No Man’s Sky will be coming to Nintendo Switch on October 7.



No Man’s Sky has become the poster child for turning around a poor launch. In months leading up to the game’s launch, Hello Games founder Sean Murray promised many features like base building and multiplayer. His promises never met fan expectations, resulting in No Man’s Sky‘s unfavorable release. However, five years and twenty updates later, No Man’s Sky is an excellent game with a thriving community.

Hello Games’ space exploration game is being ported to the Nintendo Switch with the help of Japanese publisher Bandai Namco. The Switch version of the game will feature all twenty updates, and will be available worldwide in both digital and physical formats. In addition to the Switch version, the PS5 remaster of No Man’s Sky will make its way to stores the same day.

No Mans Sky Companions Update
A snippet of No Man’s Sky’s “Companions” Update.

Sean Murray couldn’t hold back his excitement about the game coming to the Nintendo platform, having described the achievement as “near-impossible.”

No Man’s Sky on this tiny portable device feels both completely natural and also totally improbable at the same time,” Murray said in a statement. “This has been a real moonshot for our small team. No Man’s Sky is built around procedural generation, which means the console generates everything you see. This makes it so much harder to bring our game to something like the Switch, but I think this team never seems happier than when they are trying to do near-impossible things.”

No Man’s Sky comes to Nintendo Switch and PS5 on October 7, 2022.

Will you be picking up the Switch version of No Man’s Sky? Have you kept up with the game since its release? Let us know in the comments. For more on games with cool spaceships and exploring planets, stay tuned right here at GameLuster.

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