No Man’s Sky: Origins Update Adds New Planets – And Sandworms!

Procedurally generated space exploration and survival adventure No Man’s Sky recently debuted its latest major update, entitled Origins. Developer Hello Games, which announced the update last week, hinted that Origins would feature tons of new content – specifically, director Sean Murray wanted the game to feel “fresh and new” even to players who have been enjoying No Man’s Sky since its initial launch in 2016.

So far, it definitely seems like Origins have delivered. Millions of new procedurally generated planets have been added to the game’s universe, many of which have been described as looking and feeling significantly different to those already explored. In particular, the Origins update expands the potential for biome diversity, adding new plants and animals with enhanced burrowing and flocking behaviors, higher mountains – some of which are now potentially active volcanoes, deeper oceans, and even some mysterious buildings filled with secrets for you to discover. (And who knows, they might not all be as abandoned as they initially seem after all….)

One of the biggest elements (pun fully intended) of the update is the addition of movable weather systems, which allow for the appearance of more extreme weather events such as tornadoes, enormous lightning storms, and even deadly firestorms. Players looking for a hardcore survival experience will find it with Origins’ brand new deadly weather.

Finally, the update adds something which fans have been hoping for ever since they were first glimpsed during one of the original pre-release No Man’s Sky trailers: SANDWORMS! Inspired by Frank Herbert’s legendary science fiction series Dune, these giant creatures burrow beneath the sand and are capable of launching surprisingly stealthy attacks despite their size. Murray explained that the team has been working on adding sandworms since the game’s launch, and are proud to finally debut them for players to enjoy.

No Man’s Sky is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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