Nour: Play With Your Food Brings a Kitchen Symphony to PS5

Upcoming cooking- and music-focused indie title Nour was one of several PlayStation 5 indie titles showcased on the PlayStation Blog today, March 17. The indie-focused celebration included a piece by Audio Emotion Engineer Maximilian C Mueller regarding the cooking game’s unique approach to an “adaptive soundtrack.”

The gameplay of Nour – advertised as “a game that truly lets you play with your food” – focuses around using physics to prepare and cook dishes ranging from the common to the never-before-seen. Different levels, including the Toaster, the Meat Grinder, and the Diner, feature different ingredients and cooking tools for the player to use in their symphonic creation.

Each ingredient and piece of cooking equipment makes a unique noise, from the high flutes of marshmallows to the rapid-fire piano notes which represent ice cubes tinkling into a glass. Cooking a dish will also create an accompanying musical piece as these tools and ingredients work together in harmony. While you can create absolutely anything you want, the game’s developers included a few starting selections: try knocking ice cubes and frozen fruits together or creating a “harp” out of different kinds of noodles!

Nour will also take advantage of the PS5’s DualSense Controller to add special musical combinations which can be used to unlock effects in-game. For example, playing four quarter notes, two half notes, and one whole note in order slows down time. Players can even use their own voices to control their culinary creation, such as singing a note to cause food to levitate or yelling as loud as possible in order to “charge” a dish with special, extra-powerful energy.

Currently, Nour: Play With Your Food is scheduled for a Summer 2021 release. An official release date has not yet been announced.

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