Persona 3 Reload: Maya Social Link Guide (Hermit Arcana)

The Hermit Arcana in Persona 3 Reload is represented by Maya, a stranger that you find in an online game. You can only hang out with her every Sunday, and I recommend prioritizing her social links because there is only a limited amount of time you can spend with her. If you want to max out her Confidant, you can read our handy guide to find out the best dialogue choices to increase your Rank.

All Maya (Hermit) Social Link Dialogue Choices In Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload Hermit Maya

You can establish the Hermit Social Link on April 29 after you get a copy of Innocent Sin from Junpei. Unlike other Confidants, you can only interact with Maya via your personal computer in your dorm room.

Unlike other female characters, you cannot romance Maya and cannot give your gifts. Hanging out with her will not unlock a new Social Link, but she may mention a strange man in a suit in Paulownia Mall. 

Besides picking the most optimal dialogue choices, you can get bonus points by having a Hermit Persona in your inventory. Some dialogues will usually give you two points, but you can get three when you have a Persona with a similar Arcana.

Rank 2

Maya: u remember me rite? =/

  • Of course. (+2)
  • …Have we met?

Maya: Hmm… what kinda people r we, playing inside on such a beautiful day?

  • It’s okay to enjoy a game.
  • Sunshine is overrated. (+1)
  • Maybe we’re loners.

Rank 3

Maya: So ummmmm…… i’m drunk! xD

  • Oh really? o_O (+1)
  • Are you an adult?

Maya: But lately i cant get motivated to get ne work done @ work. =/

  • You don’t like your job? (+2)
  • Are you burned out?

Rank 4

Maya: Its like all she cares about is marrying me to some dude >=/ whys it her problem?

  • Don’t wanna get married?
  • You’ll need a boyfriend first.
  • Let’s plan our wedding, then. (+2)

Rank 5

Maya: Mr. E is such a stupid eh so bee!! t(-_-t)

  • Who’s Mr. E?
  • Are you drunk again?
  • Don’t you mean S.O.B.? (+2)

Maya: …oh noes! u can’t figure out what my job is can u? O_o?

  • A drunken master?
  • Maya’s a reporter, right?
  • Are you a teacher? (+2)

Rank 6

Maya: actually, i only went cuz i was so pissed at that bastard! >=/

  • Calm down.
  • What bastard? (+2)

Rank 7

Maya: …do men only want younger women? be honest ・_・

  • What are you talking about?
  • Age isn’t the point. (+1)
  • Well, yeah. (+2)

Maya: she even stuffs her bra!! lol

  • She um… what? (+1)
  • Calm down. (+1)

Rank 8

Maya: oh noes… now i’m starting to get sweaty =

  • Are you talking to yourself?
  • Hurry up and tell me. (+2)

Maya: That’s kinda crazy even for me >_>;

  • What is he like? (+1)
  • You’re gonna ask him out?

Rank 9

Maya: it said their canceling innocent sin. …think its for real?!

  • Not much we can do.
  • No way! (+1)
  • Whatever, I guess.

Maya: tatsuya… do u think we’ll still be able to see each other? T_T

  • I think so.
  • No, this is the end.
  • Don’t worry about that.

Maya: maya’s not goin quietly! >=/ i’ll beat them to the punch!

  • What are you planning? (+1)
  • This won’t change anything.

Rank 10

Maya: …i should apologize

  • About what?
  • Oh, no worries. (+1)

Maya: i dun think i will…

  • Now they’ll end it for sure.
  • Is that why you’re sorry? (+1)

Maya: im thinkin bout quittin the MMO today. i… dun think i’ll c u again T_T

  • This is sudden…
  • I’ll miss you. (+2)

Maximizing her Social Link will grant you a key item called Screenshot Data. This object lets you unlock the Ultimate Persona of the Hermit Social Link, Arahabaki.

That’s the end of our guide on Maya Social Link (Hermit Arcana). For more P3R content, you can check out our post on Kenji Social Link.

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