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For a long time since casinos became available, players could only play gambling games that are simple and share similar features. It was all about fruit symbols, stars, and bars. However, since gambling became more legalized across the globe and online gambling became an option, this attracted many new players. Naturally, it also increased the demand for more versatile gaming choices.

What Changed in Casino Games?

As soon as playing at a casino online became an option thanks to technology, software developers started making changes to keep the huge number of players entertained. In addition to offering bonuses, special offers, and coupons like the ones listed here, the best casino sites started offering a great variety of gaming choices. These make gambling entertaining and diverse no matter how long you play.

One great way to make the experience better for players has been through using pop culture elements and icons in the creation of slot machines and other casino games. Today, slots online are filled with celebrities from the pop culture, offering a thrilling experience for gamblers.

Pop Culture and Casino Games Online

The pop culture has created quite the buzz in the days, and it just keeps getting more popular as time passes. Knowing this, what better way for a real money casino to entice you to gamble than using a familiar face such as a celebrity? Offering games that focus on celebrities can boost a casino rankings considering how popular these are with gamblers today.

If you visit a popular site these days, there are two things you’ll find for sure – casino bonus codes and celebs who were regulars in showrooms in Las Vegas, such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Dean Martin. Now you can also play games at casino online that feature Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Jackson, and other big celebs.

Let’s look at some of the most used elements of the pop culture you can find on a casino website.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra is by far the most frequently found pop celebrity at casinos. The first branded game was part of the Diamond Cinema series of IGT and it featured Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, etc. Four of his top-rated images played while the reels rolled, making the experience more thrilling for Sinatra’s fans. If you played this game, you could listen to ‘Fly Me to the Moon’, ‘My Way’, ‘My Kind of Town’, and ‘I’ve Got You under My Skin’.

Still, this first game was a simple three-reel slot without a casino bonus or free spins. What it had was a big jackpot, seeing how this machine was wide-area progressive.

Dean Martin

People know this amazing singer as the person behind numerous contemporary songs, as well as The Dean Martin Show. He became one of Las Vegas’ most popular acts and had great friendship with two fellow artists, one of which was Frank Sinatra. Together with Sammy Davis Jr., the three of them formed the Rat Pack.

Soon after his name became widely known, a new trending slot appeared on the market – Dean Martin’s Wild Party. It is a game that’s still played even though it’s been more than a decade since its release. This is a video slot machine with five reels and a free spin feature.

Elvis Presley

When you speak about pop culture, you can’t not mention this amazing artist. Software developers and casinos both know the power that Elvis brings into the mix, and they have leveraged it for years now.

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll was a Las Vegas royalty. He had a record 636 sold-out, consecutive shows at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Elvis brought Rock ‘n’ Roll to many people, but he also had a huge impact on the casino industry. The first Elvis slot was released in 2002. It was a creation of IGT and a Megajackpot game. While you played this slot machine, you listened to his amazing music.

It goes without saying – this game was quite a hit. It soon spawned a big line of successor Elvis games that still carry the legacy of the King. You can now find games like ‘Viva Las Vegas’, ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, and ‘Hound Dog’ at many casinos online.

Clint Eastwood

WMS Gaming created not one, but a series of very popular video slots on the movie characters of Eastwood. The A Fistful of Dollars: Wild Shot and A Fistful of Dollars: Wanted both featured Clint Eastwood. With symbols that featured him shooting around in the Old West, this game became quite the trend in those days.

Later on, he was featured in the 15-line Dirty Harry slot machines. Even now, you can still come across one of these popular titles and maybe get some free spins when you claim bonus in online casino.

Michael Jackson

Other game makers got to the celebrity party soon in the process, but surprisingly, they didn’t think of adding a huge pop culture feature in their games – Michael Jackson, the King of Pop music. This is where Bally Technologies truly started to shine. They scored big with their first Michael Jackson slot. Soon after it was released, it became a mega-hit.

Bally Technologies’ game was designed with a wide-area, big-money progressive jackpot. It had a bonus wheel, six bonus events that spotlighted his music, as well as some of his best hits in the background while you’re playing. While playing to get bonuses, you can listen to ‘Beat It’, ‘Smooth Criminal’, ‘Dirty Diana’, and ‘Billie Jean’.

If you are a fan of Michael Jackson, imagine this. You get the ‘Smooth Criminal’ free games bonus, while the music video gets overlaid on the reels on your screen. Then at a cymbal clash, Jackson halts, points, and the symbol turns wild. You’ll see Jackson’s image moonwalk across your screen to add some wild symbols to your game. When you finish the bonus round, a statue of Jackson will rise in the top box, enhancing the extravaganza that is this game.

Final Thoughts

The pop culture is rich and has immersed itself in many fields of our lives. Gambling becomes more popular every day, which made it plain and simple for developers – they must use celebrities to attract players. They create amazingly featured games, add some bonuses, and boost the players’ interest in gambling.