Professional Gaming: The most acclaimed eSport titles

For many years the world of sport was purely physical. Even if we have to admit that some known sports were more physical than others. While triathlon is an extremely exhausting kind of sport which requires a huge deal of stamina, sports like golf are less exhausting but require precision and the perfect technique. Nowadays, the world of sports looks completely different. Of course, there are still the ordinary sports like the Olympics, as we have known them for centuries. But in the age of the internet we can find a completely new idea of sportive competition: the so-called eSports.

The 21st century offers many more options for earning money and launching a professional career. While people used to have to study, work at a bank or a company, and fight their way up in order to have a professional career and people only played video games after work to relax, the world of the internet offers the opportunity to become rich, famous and successful by playing professional video games.

And where there is competition one will also always find betting. The gambling and online casino sector has already discovered eSports for itself and many people are enjoying their time watching and betting on Counter Strike matches or other eSport tournaments. To be successful in betting one has to be always informed about the new players and matches that are happening, so it is important to stay up to date with the matches of the counter strike bets. Like with everything else, the internet offers almost infinite possibilities and millions of online video games. So the question arises which are the most important eSports nowadays. Which games are the most acclaimed in the eSports scene? How serious is the eSport sector and it’s tournaments really? We have the answers you need to know!

League of Legends

The first game we need to mention if it is about eSports, is League of Legends. Riot Games’ free-to-play, multiplayer online battle arena title League of Legends is without a doubt one of the best games money can buy and that for many reasons. Its gameplay mixes elements of role-playing, tower defence, and real-time strategy, differentiating it from the many cookie-cutter MOBAs on the market.

Furthermore is the accessibility of League of Legends one of its benefits, but that doesn’t mean it lacks complex basic gameplay mechanisms. League of Legends is the face of MOBA gaming, outperforming Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm owing to the way skill shots, cooldowns, special abilities, and equipment interact with one another.

The game is extremely popular all around the planet, even if not everybody is happy with the community. However, large tournaments in arenas and online streams are launched for international competitions. The prize pool for a big tournament like this exceeds more than 2 million US-Dollars. That shows how big eSports already are.


Another really important game in the world of eSports is Fortnite. The game is internationally played and became extremely popular in the last few years. Fortnite is the great warfare royale recreation. In fact, Epic Games said in early 2020 that Fortnite had a reported 12.3 million simultaneous gamers in a consultation because of a live performance with the aid of Travis Scott.

The Fortnite game has gained tremendous popularity within a short amount of time. Fortnite has a lot to show off with, such as easy gameplay options, shiny and wacky graphics, and a brilliant constructing system. Cold fights and the presence of microtransactions degrade the experience, however lovers of the style ought to give it a try as it is free. That’s why more and more people start to play and join the international community everyday, as the game is offered on nearly all online game platforms.

Also Fortnite has huge tournaments, of which some have a massive pool to win. Just in 2019 a 16 year old gamer called Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf won a cup of more than 3 million US-Dollars. The size of the entire cup was nearly 30 million US-Dollars.

Dota 2

Another game which needs to be mentioned is Dota 2. The game is one of a kind and offers a huge amount of possibilities to the player. Dota is one of the games which are maybe easy to learn, but it offers extremely much headspace to improve.

Few titles exemplify this mantra greater than Defense of the Ancients 2  or Dota 2 how gamers call it. If one asks anyone in the scene which game is of the most famous multiplayer online battlefield games on the planet, the answer will definitely be Defense of the Ancients 2. In this loose MOBA, the player can pick one of more than one hundred playable heroes and storm the battlefield. The game is generally held in so-called matches between two different teams of five people. Each team is trying to occupy and defend its own separate base on the map. Its basic idea has similarities with the shooter Counter Strike or even the concept of handball in physical sports.

Each character has some special and very particular abilities, play style and attributes to assist the group and fight alone against enemies, which makes this game extremely complex.

Many people who are new have to get used to the mechanics of the game but once you have it, it is pure joy. Within all the large tournaments held in the Dota community the annual Dota 2 International tournament has the largest of all jackpots with more than 30 million US-Dollars.

A growing market

All in all it must be said that the online eSports sector is not to be underestimated. And when it comes to betting on eSports, thunderpick offers the possibility to do this and become a successful better. While the big physical sports tournaments like the UEFA Cup or the Olympic Games are of course still bigger in size, the new sector of electronic sports is growing any minute. Already millions of people are involved all over the world in the scene of eSports and who knows, maybe one day in the not too far future, the eSports will also be included in the ordinary sport tournaments…

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