Ranking Every Battle Pass Skin In Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 (Myths & Mortals)

Another season of Fortnite’s iconic battle royale means another Battle Pass stuffed with new skins and styles, and Chapter 5 Season 2 aims for the heavens. The new Battle Pass delivers a wealth of Greek mythology inspired skins, with all our favorite gods and goddesses being imagined in a Fortnite style, as well as an additional surprise crossover skin.

Taking into account the skin’s styles, inspiration and final product, we’re going to rank every skin from the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Battle Pass in order, from worst to best. Remember, this is all just personal opinion!

8. Aphrodite

Fortnite Aphrodite
Surprisingly, I’m not in love with this skin.

All the skins from this season hold a lot of potential on their own, but when comparing Aphrodite to her mythological roots, as well as Epic’s own survey design prototype, this skin is particularly weak. We’re not historians, but something tells me the goddess of love, lust and desire would not wear a basic cropped jacket and sneakers. The alternate style of the skin adds some flair, but still fails to deliver a skin worthy of such an iconic figure of human mythology, especially one that is known most for her aesthetics.

7. Zeus

Fortnite Zeus
Shockingly average for the god of thunder.

Despite some interesting features like the detailed hair, textured armor and the extremely well matching Bolt Blades pickaxe pieces, this looks awfully bland for the king of the Olympian gods. Unlike some of the other skins on this list, the alternate Conqueror style somehow looks even worse, removing the Greek god hair and majestic all-gold torso armor in favor of just making him look like some random armored guy. The bonus Immortal Zeus is a little better, but there really was room for improvement with this one.

6. Poseidon

Fortnite Poseidon
This unique take on Poseidon is sure to cause a splash.

Now this is just plain silly. Fortnite chose to fuse the god of the sea with their own Rippley character, an anthropomorphic blob of blue slime made of Slurp juice. For me at least, it kinda works. There’s some comedic value in having a jelly man possess a solid physique, and the Slurp texture does look a lot like water. His golden armor pieces look great, and the skins alternate styles use a good variety of bright colors to really make them feel distinguishable.

5. Medusa

Fortnite Medusa
A bunch of cool details and good alternate styles help this skin slither to a higher spot.

Another skin that falls victim to having a survey design prototype that looks far better than the finished product. Unlike Aphrodite however, this skin still offers a pretty recognizable interpretation of Medusa, from the flowing snake hair to the snakeskin-textured dress and the gold snake decorations on the boots. It would’ve been nice to go a little further with the concept, but with the Gorgon Warrior alternate style offering some nice variation, Medusa is a good skin.

4. Artemis

Fortnite Artemis
If you’re on the hunt for a great skin this season, look no further than Artemis.

For the goddess of the hunt, Fortnite chooses to play up the astronomical elements of this skin, giving a galactic texture to parts of the armor as well as the hair. Whilst it is a little garish, the hairstyle is beautiful and intricate, with the flashes of silver in the laurels of the hair and the cape perfectly representing a glimpse of the moonlight amongst the stars used in ancient times during the hunt. The alternate styles are a matter of taste when it comes to what you think of their colors, but I appreciate the greater emphasis on hunting with the Immortal style featuring a hood and mouth covering.

3. Hades

Fortnite Hades
Seen here in his alternate style, the Hades skin looks cool as hell.

King of the underworld, god of the dead, and the final tier skin for this latest Fortnite Battle Pass. The crown is appropriately regal, with the gold embellishments across his armor working well to symbolize his divinity, with the green eyes and glowing hands playing into the underworld, monstrous and undead theme. The shoulders and bottom of the jacket can glow with a ghostly cloudy light when the Battle Pass is maxed out, which makes the skin even more interesting and mysterious. The skin doesn’t quite take the top spot for me though, as the gas mask-like features on the mask and the mass of black material makes this Hades feel a little more like the king of an Undercity rather than the Underworld.

2. Korra

Fortnite Korra
For fans of the cartoon, Korra would make a great in-game avatar.

This season’s crossover skin is Korra, from The Legend of Korra, the sequel to the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. The team at Epic did an excellent job envisioning this animated character in the 3D world of Fortnite, with the cartoonish colors and textures being incredibly true to the character as seen on TV. The rest of her cosmetic rewards are still being kept under wraps until a later date, but the model preview we’re given looks great.

1. Cerberus

Fortnite Cerberus
Seen here in the blazing fire style, Cerberus is bound to be a hot skin this season.

Yes, I’m just as surprised as you are. When I heard the new season of Fortnite would be Greek mythology themed, I would not have expected a skin based on the three-headed hound of hell to be quite so good – especially as it’s a first page skin! Despite this, the design is just incredible, with the sharp, wolf-like hair on the back of the head glowing in a green light to represent his ties to his master in the mythology, Hades. The three-headed aspect is featured with the shoulders having two more wolf heads, and the blazing fire alternate style which swaps the ghostly green fire for raging natural flames is just amazing.

There you have it! That was our ranking of the eight skins featured in the latest season of Fortnite, and now it’s over to you. What’s your favorite of the skins, and which do you think is worst? Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for the latest Fortnite and breaking gaming news.

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