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Rockstar Games, it seems, has a weak spot for a life of crime. Its best-selling game series is named after a felony, while its other titles often feature people on the wrong side of the law: street racers (Midnight Club), vigilantes (Max Payne), wanted outlaws (Red Dead Redemption) or a psychopathic killer (Manhunt). And, since no life of crime would be complete without games of chance, they like to feature gambling in many of their titles.

Playing games of chance within Rockstar’s games is not limited to certain missions – it can also be another way to up the players’ net worth.

Gambling in older GTA games

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the first GTA game where players can bet and win money. In the Vice Street Racer event – available after buying the Sunshine Autos showroom – players can choose one of the several races available – if they have the necessary funds, of course. The race with the biggest payout is the V.C. Endurance – it has an entry fee of $10,000 attached and comes with a payout of $40,000.

GTA San Andreas comes with a variety of gambling options – players can play casino games, play pool for money, and even bet on horse races. There is even a Gambling skill in the game that can be increased by wagering – when maxed out, players can wager or borrow up to $1 million.


The Diamond Casino & Resort, GTA Online

Rockstar Games has kept its GTA players in suspense for quite some time before finally opening the doors of the Diamond Casino & Resort in Los Santos. It is a fully-fledged casino resort – and then some. It has all the traditional amenities that you would encounter when entering its brick-and-mortar counterparts in Vegas – slot machines, gaming tables, various races, and many others – but it also offers a fully customizable Penthouse Suite, a series of story missions, and an extensive casino heist to plan and complete.


The Diamond Casino & Resort was an addition that players had to wait for perhaps the longest time: the first rumors about it emerged in 2013 but the resort only opened its virtual gates in 2019.

Poker in Red Dead Redemption

Gambling was an integral part of the late 19th century, depicted in many books and plays about gambling and gamblers written at the time. As such, they made their way into Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption series, where players can mostly sit down to poker tables.


The poker tables in the Red Dead Redemption series are a welcome addition to the in-game world – they are a great, albeit risky way to make some extra money. Just like in the real Wild West, poker can often be played at saloons – in the first game, there is a high-stakes game with a $250 buy-in where cheating is disabled.


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