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 Runescape 3 has tons of ways you can make money from woodcutting to killing monsters, or even buying RS3 gold from other players through There are so many ways to make gold in the game and here are a few of the easiest gold making options.


Right from the start you can actually just start cutting trees to make really easy profit. Regular logs actually cost quite a bit for some reason and they are super easy to obtain taking less than a second to cut a tree down once you’re at a decent Woodcutting level. There are even trees all around the Grand Exchange that you can cut down and sell immediately. The demand for logs is always high as firemaking is one of the easiest skills to max out entirely. Once you have reached a higher level of woodcutting you can always choose to cut down higher level trees that don’t immediately disappear once you get a single log.



Mining is quite literally one of the best and easiest ways to make gold in the game especially since the entire mining system was overhauled and improved. You can literally start mining your choice in ore, leave for a bit to do something else, and come back once your inventory is full. Although it is quicker to keep your attention on the mining being done and clicking the glittering ore when it shows up, no other gold farming options allow you to just AFK and gain tons of gold simply by waiting for your inventory to fill up. Even the start up cost is super cheap. All you need is a pickaxe and possibly dungeoneering for the Falador Mine shortcut to the deposit chest if you want faster depositing.


Guard Grapes Farming
Simply getting to a high enough level to fight and kill guards is an easy way to earn gold. Grapes are sold for quite a bit depending on the economy and when guards do drop grapes they will always drop 3 grapes. The drop rate is pretty high and the amount per drop is guaranteed to be at least 3 grapes. It’s a great way to gain experience on your RS account and gain some pretty solid gold income while doing so since guards are everywhere around the Grand Exchange and Falador’s bank.



This is one of the more profitable ways to earn gold. Fishing is always in high demand because there are a lot of people who would rather buy their food in Runescape than go fishing for it so selling the fish you’ve caught is quick and easy. There are even people who will buy raw fish in huge bulk simply to reach level 99 on their Cooking level. The startup cost is a bit higher than the rest, but once you can start using the Harpoon or the Lobster Cage you shouldn’t have a problem with costs. It will take quite a bit of time to go back and forth from the bank to your fishing location though.


High Alchemy
This is the most costly on this list, but also a very easy way to gain experience with Magic and make tons of gold easily. You will have to spend money to make money with this money making technique, and it is very boring as you have to repeatedly click your item you are using High Alchemy on. You will have to buy in large bulk the item you want to use High Alchemy on and the runes to cast High Alchemy. You will also have to have the magic skill level high enough to cast it. Once you have this going though you can make millions of gold in a matter of hours with no risk. You can always check the gold income rate for high alchemy on and see what Runescape items yield the most gold and what items you can buy the most of.



If you enjoy mining, you can always mine and turn all your ore into weapons and armour for other players. This usually takes a while longer, but weapons and armour that are high level are always profitable because there are always people willing to buy these types of items. With past updates to smithing it has gotten easier to smith a lot of gear at once. It may not be the most profitable, but it will get you gold quickly.



Buying Runescape Gold with Real Money
The easiest, and most efficient way to make money in Runescape 3 is by simply buying gold from another player who already has a lot of gold. You can do this on websites like and response types are usually quick, but may vary. You can buy as much gold as a player has or is willing to give for a small amount of real money and it’s all done safely through verified accounts.


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