‘Make war not love’ that’s the tagline for Sega pitting its two strategy giants Relic’s Company of Heroes 2 and Creative Assembly’s Total War: Rome II against one another in this valentines weekend promotion. The winning community will earn some brand new free DLC for their chosen game

How will it work? From 10:AM PST today battle will commence with each in-game victory earning points towards a total tally. You can keep track of whose winning at www.makewarnotlove.com. The contest will finish on Monday February 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM PST. You can follow both sides on Twitter to get involved in fun banter. @companyheroes and @totalwar.

“Company of Heroes? More like Company of ZEROES, am I right?” said Craig Laycock, Community Manager for Total War at a recent weigh-in. “Their dreams will fall apart like a poorly-maintained M4 Sherman, rusting at the seams, and it’ll be Total War players that confine them to the scrap heap.”
COH2 Community Manager, Jeffery Simpson responded in bullish fashion saying, “The only people dreaming here are the Total Bore team. Even a poorly maintained M4 Sherman would bust through the flimsy armor of a bunch of prissy Roman Legions. Doesn’t matter how many swords you bring to this gunfight, you’re going down.”

For added pleasure, each game will be on sale via Steam at 50% off for the duration of the promotion. So slip into something comfortable, flex those fingers and get down to business. Every player’s contribution counts.

Should the mighty Total War: Rome II emerge victorious and players will receive the latest DLC unit pack, Beasts of War, free via Steam for five days.

If Company of Heroes 2 manages to scrape victory together across the rugged battlefields two new multiplayer commanders will be added
For more information regarding the Make War Not Love promotion, including full details on the scoring system and how to get involved, log on to www.makewarnotlove.com.