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Just like going to the cinema with your mates, playing your favourite sport or having some retail therapy, playing slots should always be enjoyable and having fun should be your main motivation for playing - play today at Wizard Slots. But what happens when playing slots has a negative effect on your life or stops being fun and becomes more of a compulsion? Here are some of the main signs that you should take a break from playing slots to ensure you can enjoy slots responsibly.

You’re spending less time with your friends and family

One of the key signs that you should take a break from playing slots is when taking slots starts to take up too much of your free time. A key indicator of this is spending less time with those you love like your friends and family, missing social events and choosing to stay home and play slots rather than spending time with people who are important to you. This can be very damaging to your family, social life and can have negative effects on your mental health as you will isolate yourself from your core support network. If this is you, it’s a sign that you should take a break so you can get some perspective and prioritise how you spend your free time - after all, a game is not more important than being surrounded by those you care about - it’s all about achieving a healthy balance!

Spending more than you budgeted for

When playing slots it’s a good idea to set a budget. If you set yourself a bankroll budget this means it will be easy to manage it as you play as you know that you won’t spend more than you can afford. Just like you might set a budget for how much you’d feel happy with spending on a night or a shopping trip, setting a budget for your slot bankroll will help you to remain in control. Once that bankroll has been depleted, don’t be tempted to keep on playing - stop playing until you can afford to top up your bankroll and enjoy slots within your means.

It’s also a good idea to set a top-budget to, for example, say your budget was £200, once you’ve spent £200, walk away, and similarly you could say you’d be happy to walk away if you matched that and have £300 in your bankroll, so when you hit that amount, stop playing so that you can keep your winnings!

Feeling frustrated, angry or depressed when you don’t win

Part of becoming a slot player is to take the losses with the wins because let’s face it, you’re going to lose a great deal more times than you win in the long run, so you’ve got to learn not to be a sore loser! However, if you start to experience feelings of anger, frustration or feelings of depression when you don’t win, that’d a key sign you need to stop playing to give yourself a break from the negative headspace. Return to playing when you’re in a better mood!