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Take Gaming Seriously – How Real-Time Casino Games (RTG) is Where All The action is

The advent of Realtime Gaming or, better known as RTG has been around since the ’80s. it is one of the most significant platforms that has dominated the online gaming industry for decades and continues to rival most competitors within the gaming industries. Platforms such as these have an assortment of games for players to indulge in, some almost up to 300 to choose from.

A large portion of these includes slot games, poker, roulette and blackjack card games. These games are not only offered on desktop computers and laptops but are built for mobile enjoyment too. All you need to do is download them and voila! You are in. Some require you to register while others, that do not use real money, can be played with just a download.

In terms of the different sites that offer this activity, there are over 100 to date. They offer a complete package solution to those looking for something different besides visiting and revisiting the casinos every weekend. With names like Spring wilds, Ox Bonanza, Rave Riches and Epic Holiday Party, it’s no wonder they have become all the rave. You can enjoy them in your past time, on the weekend and when you are out and about without batting an eyelid.

Stringent Testing and Design Capabilities

Authorities globally, that work within these industries, make sure to test these games so they are legit and not fake versions asking you for your details and hacking into your hard drive. The diverse collection of games is offered to individuals above the legal age requirements, specific to their countries. This is what casinos are now made of and the entertainment factor rates second to none. The range of slot and table games have been around for a long time, however, developers are now making sure that UI and UX is part of the design requirements.

These two terms interlink with each other. UI consists of a human-first approach that pays heed to the aesthetics of a game, and UX involves the application approach, making sure it works properly and players can gain a full-on experience from them.


Examples of Popular RTG Slot Games

As mentioned in the paragraph above, there are almost 300+ games available to users to go through and play to their heart’s content. We look at a few of the popular ones below.

Rave Riches

As the name entails, this is a game of riches. Chock full of beautiful women, DJs, and a large concert added to the background, rave Riches is a slot game created for RTG and has a unique experience unlike any other. This game is directed at young people, and those young at heart.

It’s a generational game that has all of the activities presented in it, such as tropical-style parties and music with concerts to keep you engaged and entertained. It is built around 5 of the 3 reels and there are over 240 different ways of winning. It includes free spins, scatters, wilds and multipliers and each player can win up to 2000 points in stakes. Instead of recreating an Ibiza style party at home, you can access one directly through the touch of a few buttons.

Each round has wagers of 30 coins, and you can start from as little as $0.30, or if you want less risk you can play with $0.01 coins per line. Betting can be done with a maximum cash value of $150, which means you can use anything from $0.01 cents to$5 per line.

If you are looking for something more than your average slot game this is the place to be.


IC Wins Slot RTG Gaming

For those days when it is just too cold outside for you to put your foot in it, game developers have created something you can have fun with inside a warm home. IC Wins is one of those games that is hard to put down, this real-time gaming experience will make you forget about the cold and keep you entertained for hours with its cartoon-style graphics and platform that delivers an exciting experience for all ages.

If you’re not sure about it, there are tons of resources online to check out some of the latest RTG casino games and reviews, for you to decide which one is the best fit for you and your personal preferences.

It has several features built into it from the 6×4 reels and this game, more so than its predecessor rave Riches, has over 409 ways of winning it. If that’s not attractive enough, wait till you download the game and play it to its fullest experience.

This type of slot machine game includes scatter spins, and guaranteed winnings from free spins to randomized multipliers and the best part is the chance to win up to 4500 spins extra which can pay off your stakes without lifting a finger. It is one of those low-risk games and you can use 50 coins to bet with for a wager of as little as $0.01 up to $50 per spin. The prizes include 250 coins and impressive gaming space for all.

There are many new and improved features in the game that can entice the humblest of players. From the guaranteed Re-Spin Win to the random multiplier. The other awesome features include the array of free games slotted around the ‘winter themed’ design.

Always make sure to choose online casinos that are highly recommended, and have rave reviews on their websites to lower your risk of loss, and make sure you enjoy every game to its fullest!

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