In recent times, the popularity of big titles like FIFA and Call of Duty has risen substantially. In fact, the likes of Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard are clapping their hands as a result of great profit at the start of this year. As many as 407 million people per month have played an Activision title each month for the first quarter.


The 11 Most Popular Games this Year

With the impending launch of XBOX Series X and the long-awaited PS5, it’s fair to say that some of the older games might not be around for much longer. In our opinion, though, this is no reason to discount the later launches. In fact, there are lots of great titles to choose from.


Persona 5 Royal. Based on the former award-winning series, Persona! this time around, players have the chance to stage heists and change the minds of the corrupt to make society a better place. Plenty of new characters are on offer, as well as exciting new locations and stories. The visual style of the game is unique, as is the soundtrack. With the ability to explore Tokyo, as well as alternative endings and never seen before footage, players fight for justice in their quest to reveal the truth.


Last of Us Part 2. Five years on from the risky journey across a post-pandemic America, the two main characters are now based in Jackson, Wyoming. Living amongst the survivors with initial stability and peace, the ending erupts violently, as the duo fight to reinstate calm to fight those responsible.


Final Fantasy VII Remake. Based on the success of the previous version, the amount of criticism that the VII remake garnered was only to be expected. Nevertheless, it turned out to be good. The later version replaced the older RPG to a new revitalised combat format. Ultimately, the remake is not a viable replacement for the original. However, it totally reinvents the experience and gameplay.


Ghost of Tsushima. For players who are fans of combat, adventure, in-depth storylines and attractive landscapes, then they should definitely give this one a go. Being the perfect tribute to classic samurai cinema, this is definitely the one game you don’t want to miss before the PS4 gracefully steps down.


Paper Mario: The Origami King. Maintaining the lighthearted, cheeky and fun vibe that Mario is known for, this is more a celebration of the game and its characters. New play and characters have been introduced, along with a new sidekick as well. Overall, this is a secrets packed game that’s not short on adventure either!


888 Poker. The best games this year don’t all have to be violent shooters or action thrillers. 888 poker online is full of exciting features, including 6 different formats of poker. Plus, with loads of promotions and cash bonuses up for grabs, there’s rarely a dull moment!


Valorant. This is a new contender alongside the existing counter strike that used to be the leading player. This new title now has four maps and eleven agents in rotation and has been overhauled with many tweaks. Other esports organisations have latched on to its success, also wanting a piece of the action as an investment.


Dreams. Players are given all the tools they need to build their own worlds, with the chance of other players to immerse themselves in the experience as well. And although many games were simply made for the memes, others such as Sinfeld Chronicles, are simply incredible for gameplay.


Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Being entirely exclusive to XBOX back in 2020, Ori and the Blind Forest was its original release, something which became renowned for its sheer beauty and storytelling ability. Its more recent carnation uses all the previously great points and makes them much better. So much so, that it’s regarded as having one of the best soundtracks and game styles out there.


Minecraft Dungeons. It is a small game overall, but it’s definitely not short on fun. This game, which is also suited to group play, has easily accessed mechanics compared to previous versions making it particularly suitable for younger audiences. And as an added bonus, there’s loads more content on the way as well.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Based on the current climate of chaos, Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings a sense of calm in an otherwise hectic situation. The premise of the game is simple, completing simple but satisfying tasks like planting trees and flowers, catching fish and other things in nature. There’s nothing else really like it out there and instils a feeling of tranquillity and peace.


Don’t Trade in Your Old Console Just Yet

In terms of gaming consoles, it will soon be out with the old and in with the new, at least as far as XBOX and PlayStation are concerned. But this shouldn’t mean merely ditching the more recent games for older consoles. There are still some outstanding choices out there that are not to be missed. As can be expected, most of them are the genres of action, shooting and adventure. But there are alternatives for gamers looking for something a little different.