Over the last decade, FIFA has established itself as the dominant force in soccer gaming, delivering innovations and game modes to keep players returning time and again.

They brought us the three-part ‘journey’, the story of Alex Hunter’s rise from the parks of London to the Champions League Final Electronic Arts were the first to introduce playable female footballers too, boasting some of the world’s best on the game’s cover. The game is available not only on PS 4 and Xbox One, but also the Nintendo Switch, delivering their most exciting game mode to another generation of players.

Ultimate Team mode is the area of the game that has become an eSport in its own right and keeps gamers flooding back year after year. One of the key aspects of the mode, known as FUT, is the ability to trade players to improve your squad.

The savvy gamer understands how to manipulate this market for their own gain, too. bwin Sports explains that in FIFA 20 knowing who to buy, and when to buy them, can help you get ahead without playing a single game. If you want to know how to get the very best squad for your coins, we’ve got the perfect guide for you.

Bronze Pack Method

It is possible to buy packs for real money, or for in-game coins. If you’re planning on buying packs to try to boost your coin intake, then stick to bronze packs.

FUT Bin post on the Bronze Pack Method suggests that although getting rich is laborious and may well take you a long time, it promises to give you gains every time. A low-level bronze pack costs 400 coins, with each bronze player usually selling for 150 to 200 coins. On average, a pack yields three or four players, promising a small return.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get players needed for a squad building challenge, or a bronze player from a top flight club and they usually bring more in.

Squad Building Challenges

These are a great way of boosting your coins as the rewards on offer can outweigh your input. Through the course of the game you’ll get plenty of untradeable players you can use as part of the SBC’s, mixing them with a few you’ve acquired over time can bring you plenty of packs to open.

A typical SBC might earn you a prime gold player’s pack, which FIFA Analysis reports can cost up to 45,000 coins. Clever use of your player surplus can bring you packs like this, or better, for a fraction of the price.

Exploit Buy Now

If you watch the market very closely through resources such as FutWiz, you can exploit the impatience of other players. Those buying for SBC’s tend to use the Buy Now option. However, when some gamers list their surplus players, they leave the Buy Now price as 10,000 and the actual price at 650 or 700.

These players don’t get snapped up as quickly as they require you to wait until the end of the auction. Find a player with a certain Buy Now price you know you can get. Then, watch for that player popping up with a high Buy Now price, but a low sale price, and bid on the lower price. Wait until the auction ends and, if you win, you can often relist immediately at a profit.

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