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If you’re a hardcore gamer, the chances are you already know many of the costs associated with playing. You’ve got your gaming PC or console to start with, and depending on how advanced you go, this can be a considerable cost. Separate cooling fans, new cases, graphics card upgrades, more RAM, better SSD – it all adds up to a high cost.

Then you’ve got your peripherals too. Your keyboard – ideally ergonomic and a proper gaming one to set the commands. Or maybe a unique controller for a console. You might need a mouse and a mat, and you’ll almost certainly need a headset. Perhaps even a VR headset too. Then if you’re going to spend hours at a time playing, you want to do it in comfort so you’ll want a proper gaming chair. Oh, and let’s not forget the game itself!

The thing is, even though these costs can mount up, it can be just the beginning if you’re a real gaming fan. Once you get into the game itself, you’ll find that in a lot of cases, there is an awful lot to buy whilst you play, to improve the experience.

Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one of the greatest multiplayer first-person shooter games available for example has a variety on in-game purchases for you to make. And some of them are pretty pricey! In it, your team will need to beat the opponent in more rounds, and you’ll be crowned the victor. The skins don’t actually help you achieve this, they simply serve to make you look better, but it’s all about how you feel, right?!

So even though they don’t really assist you, some of the skins are really expensive and can be rarely seen by the average gamer. Take a look at the most expensive ones ever:

3.StatTrak M4A4 Howl The Huntsman Collection

With unique stickers, it was the world’s best StatTrak Howl with an incredibly low wear rating. It sold for $70,000.

2.StatTrak AK-47 Case Hardened The Arms Deal Collection

Thanks to its 661 pattern and impressive stickers, this sold for $59,000. One has been vac banned so is no longer available, and if this were to go up for sale now, it would reach in excess of $100,000.

1.Karambit Factory New Best Blue Gem, pattern style 387

This is the best one of all the pattern ID 387s and is absolutely stunning. It sold for $120,000! Today it is expected to sell for as much as $200,000.

If you don’t fancy spending these huge amounts of money on CS:GO skins, don’t worry because you can get free skins cs go with! You can earn points and get rewards as long as you have an account with them, and you’ll soon be the envy of your gaming friends when you build up your impressive library. It might take you some time to build up enough to buy one of these incredibly rare and beautiful skins, but you’ll have fun trying along the way!

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