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There are many pretty cool vehicles in the world, but none so cool as a tank. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to drive one? Well thanks to games such as World of Tanks, you can! Virtually at least anyway. But is that all you get to do? Of course not – no modern game would be so basic as that!

So what actually is World of Tanks all about? Well it’s a massively multiplayer online game which means that you’re playing at the same time as thousands of others across the world. The tanks within the game are from the mid-20th century of 1930s to 1960s. Like many other MMOs, it is built on a freemium model, basically where you can play for free but there are a ton of premium options and features to upgrade to if you want to part with some of your cash. Each player plays against others in control of their armoured vehicle. So basically, you drive around shooting tanks whilst trying not to get shot yourself. Sounds easy but there is a bit more to it…here’s our world of tanks beginner’s guide:

Take aim

If you’re new to shoot ‘em up games of the vehicular variety, you need to practice your aim. One tip is to shoot ahead of a moving vehicle so that by the time the ammo reaches the focus point, the tank will have driven right into its path. The shells you fire will be slightly slower moving than normal rounds hence the need for the delay. This takes a bit of getting used to. You also need to be mindful of angle you shoot at too because if you go too wide and hit the side, a shell could bounce clean off it.

There is also a very handy auto-aim function to use when you are in close quarter combat so you can focus on your driving and avoid getting shot yourself. When you have no luck with firing at a tank, try aiming for a specific part of it and if all else fails, go for the treads. Damaged treads mean no movement which will score you some points.


You need to be mindful of where the armour is situated on the tank – it’s on the front sides and back in different weights. You need to ensure the shell you choose is appropriate for where you are aiming on the tank.

Body parts

Your tank is split into modules – the gun, turret, engine, suspension and radio and you can upgrade all of these to improve your vehicle and give you better performance. It’s quite straightforward – a better engine means you go faster and accelerate better, a better gun gives you more firepower, the suspension dictates what you can carry and also impacts the speed, the radio allows you to talk to team members and so on. So it’s worth upgrading where you can!

It’s a great game that will give you hours of fun so we highly recommend you get started as soon as possible. And there will be no stopping you if you follow our tips!




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