GameLuster is a video game website driven by passionate gamers and content creators. Its goal is to deliver top-quality stories, podcasts and videos, and to be a place you can count on for quality entertainment and information.

GameLuster was founded by Moises Garza, who is currently owner and admin of the site.

The site was brainstormed in early 2012 and almost didn’t come to fruition, but Moises decided to continue it on his own initiative. The site launched in May of 2012. It operated mostly underneath Moises until 2014, when his passion shifted to administering and doing what was required for a website to function instead of just writing. Moises then slowly started to phase out in his involvement as the years progressed and as he pursued a career in Software Development. The site didn’t experience much growth until Trevor Whalen became lead in content management with the website in 2017.

GameLuster’s Creative Lead, Christine McGahhey, has been very influential in content for the site. She composed The GameLuster Podcast’s original theme song, known as the “GameLuster Jam.” Segments from it can also be heard in some of our video features. She illustrated the dragon, gold, and sparkles in GameLuster’s logo. (She christened the dragon Rusty, by the way.)

Christine also illustrated the art for the podcasts, and creates our story content reels. 

Rachael Berkman-Sinclair, a former assistant A/V editor, illustrated the words in the GameLuster logo. 

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