Indie Power Hour: Bury Me, My Love – A Syrian Refugee’s Turbulent Journey

Indie Power Hour is a show which focuses on new and upcoming indie games. In each episode, GameLuster writer Chloe Spencer will discuss the basic facts and elements of the game, as well as demonstrate one hour of gameplay. The goal is not to play a game to completion, but rather highlight interesting projects viewers might not have known much about. 

The first episode of the show focuses on the critically acclaimed Bury Me, My Love, which is about a Syrian’s refugee’s journey to Europe. The game centers on the text messages between Nour and her husband Majd as she searches for safety and better opportunities. But the journey is not simple: Nour encounters various obstacles along the way, some of which are life threatening. The choices the player makes in the game determines the outcome of Nour’s journey.

The game is available for your Android, Nintendo Switch, or for PC via Steam.