Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow 2DS Bundle coming to Europe

In North America Nintendo is bringing a special New Nintendo 3DS bundle, and in Japan Nintendo is bringing a special 2DS bundle for Red and Blue. But what about Europe, well Nintendo has revealed that like in Japan Europe will be receiving 2DS bundles. Three different bundles will be released each featuring a different game whether they be Red, Blue, or Yellow and will all be available on February 27th. This bundle will also include a sheet of fifteen stickers that can be used to customize the system, you will also get a download code for a home menu theme. Nintendo sent out the following message:

Arriving on 27/02, these 2DS bundles include a pre-installed Virtual Console version of #Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow.

Nintendo has also revealed two new cover plates for the New Nintendo 3DS. One featuring artwork from Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and a design decked out in artwork of classic Pokemon will be available on February 27 alongside the 2DS bundles.

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