Halloween 2018: GameLuster Plays Rose Cottage

GameLuster Plays Rose Cottage

Happy Halloween 2018! Or: whatever undead holiday you celebrate. In this episode of GameLuster Plays, Trevor takes on the role of a paranormal investigator for a frightening night in one of Thief 2‘s most impressive fan-made missions. Come watch!

GameLuster Plays Return to Castle Wolfenstein

For the Fourth, Trevor returns to his favorite Wolfenstein game and delights in killing Nazis, finding secret areas, and using Blazcowicz’ mighty foot.

Watch GameLuster play another first-person shooter classic, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. Also be sure to check out our YouTube channel.


GameLuster Plays Thief – Down in the Bonehoard

Trevor journeys into the Bonehoard to steal the Horn of Quintus. Grab your cloak and rope arrow, and come on in! (Don’t mind the burricks.)

Watch GameLuster play Thief‘s second mission, Break from Cragscleft Prison. Also be sure to check out our YouTube channel.

GameLuster Plays Thief – Cragscleft, Part 2

Trevor continues in Cragscleft, travelling upwards to the Hammerite factory and prison complex beyond. He wants to hum like a Hammerite, ponders at the logic of some patrols, and gets caught in a place he hasn’t in his entire Thief-playing life.

Trevor is playing Thief: Gold, the 1999 re-release of Thief: The Dark Project. Both games are virtually the same, the main difference being three extra missions in Gold. Trevor has played through this and the other main Thief games more times than he can count, but this time he invites you to join him.

GameLuster Plays Jedi Knight

GameLuster’s own editor-in-chief, Trevor, revisits a childhood favorite in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. Of course, he revisits it about once every month. This time he’s recording it so all may join him in his quest to become the Jedi Knight. Bryar pistols, incredibly high jumps, FMV glory and old-school FPS action await in this Star Wars classic. Come watch!